Swimming With Bears Hook Listeners With "French Girls" Lyric Video (premiere)

Photo by Jody Domingue, Courtesy Sarah Facciolo, Right Angle PR

Already climbing at radio, Austin unit Swimming With Bears gives listeners a chance to look while they listen on "French Girls".

Swimming With Bears offers up a new lyric video for "French Girls", a tune that fully displays the Austin, Texas outfit's penchant for gritty pop 'n' roll. Barry Manilow demonstrated during his days as a jingle writer that it's all about the hook and although one's hard pressed to find much that this lot have in common with the king of '70s balladry, there is at least that. Even a cursory listen to this track and the listener will find themselves infected with its viral tendencies. Little surprise, then, that the track has been burning up the airwaves on satellite and other radio outlets since its release a little more than a month ago. Now that it's available on one more platform, one that virtually everyone has access to, it seems only proper that tech geeks and numbers freaks start spreading the word cubical to cubical.

It is, the group offers, a kind of gift for those who have been craving more. "Since French girls always kiss twice we decided to give you a second kiss with this lyric video."

May 4 – Dallas, TX – Three Links
May 6 – Little Rock, AR – Stickyz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack
May 7 –Nashville, TN – The End
May 8 – Charlottesville, VA – The Southern
May 10 – New York, NY – Berlin
May 11 – Baltimore, MD – Windup Space
May 12 – Providence, RI – Alchemy
May 13 – Philadelphia, PA – King Fu Necktie
May 14 –Boston, MA – Middle East Upstairs
May 16 – Pittsburgh, PA – Smiling Moose
May 17 – Chicago, IL – Beat Kitchen
May 18 – Cleveland, OH – The Foundry
May 20 -Newport, KY – The Southgate Revival Room – sent
May 22 – Birmingham, AL – The Nick – sent
June 8 – Austin, TX – Stubb's BBQ
September 22- 23 – Louisville, KY – Bourbon & Beyond

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