Sydney Wright Comes Up for Air on "Underwater" (premiere)

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Sydney Wright's "Underwater" is a sophisticated and dazzling indie pop song imbued with an '80s rock sensibility from her debut album Seiche.

Sydney Wright's debut album, Seiche has been a long time in the making. It contains songs that were formed in the insecurity of her teenage years right through to those borne from the struggles of navigating early adulthood. After releasing previous singles "You Can Stay" and the title track, the Austin, Texas artist returns with new single "Underwater".

"Underwater" is a sophisticated and dazzling indie pop song imbued with an '80s rock sensibility. The song leads with the deep drop of a traditional Indian drum, layered with Indian influenced percussion. Wright's voice mingles beautifully with the unconventional instrumentation, and glistening piano notes that emotionally elevate the song, instilling an almost spiritual air. That is until the mood is ambushed by the buzzing drone of synths that swoop and whir, adding an unexpected edge.

Lyrically, Wright uses the notion of struggling underwater as a metaphor to explain our continued over-reliance on technology as she explains:

"The lyrics are about being over-dependent on technology and amenities that we sometimes feel are crucial to living our best lives. Like, we're doing the absolute most just to live in a space where we can't even get a breath of real air because we've built ourselves these luxurious boxes with central AC and running water that we never have to leave because the internet and Uber Eats. In a sense, we're trapped. Suffocating in our schedules with these smartphone-fins and endorphin-based actions and apps. I'll be the first to contend that these are opportunities that keep us safe, healthy, and provide connection and communication that, personally, often aids my operations as an independent musician. However, there's another side to this coin. How often does our screen-time get in the way of our productivity, or our self-care, or showing up to be a part of our communities, or having meaningful interactions with our parents, grandparents, and kids? Being underwater is a metaphor for our entrapment."

Seiche releases on November 9.

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