Sylvaine – “Saudade” (audio) (premiere)

Ambiance. Shoegaze. Internal conflict. The language of Sylvaine.

“Saudade” is a new track from the upcoming release by Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine, Wistful. Filled with touches of shoegaze and dark ambience, there is an undeniably meditative melodicism at work in this slowly unfolding piece. With haunting guitar figures that are reminiscent of haunting ‘60s soundtrack music and at times the more introspective moments of the Cure, “Saudade” is about internal conflict, dark emotions and the comfort one can find in the most melancholic sounds.

Sylvaine says that “Saudade” showcases the more ambient textures of the new record. She adds, “I always refer to this song as ‘the dirge’, as the mix of my father’s constant, hypnotic marching pattern on the drums and the dark ambience of the music, makes for a feel of a funeral march. The track is very minimalistic and lyrically, this might be one of my favorites on the album.”

Wistful showcases Sylvaine’s range as a writer and performer, with catchy-but-dark materials such as “Delusions” and “A Ghost Trapped in Limbo”, the uncompromising epic “In the Wake of Moments Past” or the simply haunting “Like a Moth to a Flame”.

Joining Sylvaine on this journey are Stephen Shepard and Stéphane “Neige” Paut on drums as well as violinist Coralie Louarnika and cellist Thibault Guichard. Wistful is due May in stores May 13 and now available for pre-order.