Photo: Courtesy of the artist

SZNS Say Women Don’t Have to “Behave”

​SZNS are a rising Los Angeles women-fronted pop quartet with a new electropop banger celebrating female empowerment.

SZNS are a rising Los Angeles women-fronted pop quartet that sport the sort of earworm melodies that Little Mix dropped so generously on their latest album, Confetti. The four see themselves as each representing their own season: spring, autumn, winter, and summer, and that may be so, but these are clearly a harmonious four seasons. SZNS‘ vocals blend as a powerful unit, perfect for giving voice to feminist anthems.

The group’s latest single, “Behave”, is an electropop banger with the kind of tuneful chorus that ABBA created in droves in the 1970s. It speaks to a woman’s right to just “be” and have the space we need to be ourselves. SZNS says that “‘Behave’ is for every girl who’s been told to act like a lady: to sit up straight, be polite, to let the grown-ups talk. Our entire lives we’ve been told that we’re ‘doing too much’ or acting ‘too intense’. ‘Behave’ is about being unapologetic, and taking up the space you deserve, despite what anyone else might say. If being demure and soft-spoken is good behavior, then I guess we never learned how to behave”.

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