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Ecid: Werewolf Hologram

Throughout Werewolf Hologram Ecid comes off like the bastard lovechild of Astronautalis and Childish Gambino.


Jenny Berkel: Here on a Wire

Here on a Wire is an incredible debut, fully-formed and haunting.


Ruby Throat: O'Doubt O'Stars

Ruby Throat's O' Doubt O' Stars is an unexpected, fiercely independent triumph.


Seth Walker: Time Can Change

Seth Walker's Time Can Change is a frustrating listen due to hints of brilliance in an otherwise run-of-the-mill release.


Marley's Ghost: Jubilee

John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Cowboy Jack Clement, Larry Campbell, and Old Crow Medicine Show all make appearances on Jubilee but it's still unmistakably Marley's Ghost's show.


Screen Door Porch: The Fate and the Fruit

The Fate and the Fruit is an excellent record from two very talented multi-instrumentalists staking out their spot in contemporary roots music.


Rachael Sage: Haunted By You

Haunted By You is flawed and successful in equal measures, making for a difficult listen.


Mark Cote: Fun House of Your Mind

Mark Cote channels his inner Beatles on this solid offering.


Deniz Kurtel: The Way We Live

Deniz Kurtel's follow-up has some moments of genuine interest, but it is overwhelmingly lifeless.


The Mowgli's: Sound the Drum

The Mowgli's make good on the promise of their stellar 7" from earlier this year. Sound the Drum is a perfect record for open roads in the middle of summer. Powerpop done right.


Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury: DROKK

Portishead's Geoff Barrow and composer Ben Salisbury team up to present an auditory version of 2000 AD's infamous Mega-City One.


Wordsmith: King Noah

King Noah showcases Wordsmith's understanding of hip-hop and stakes a claim for his continued relevancy.


Carlos Niño & Friends: Aquariusssssss

Aquariusssssss is stunning in scope and inspiring in its beauty.


Alone at 3AM: Midwest Mess

Alone at 3AM cooks up a southern-tinged rock riot, with smarts to spare.


New Beard: New Beard City

New Beard City makes a very strong case for the virtue of inventiveness in contemporary music.


The Eastern Sea: Plague

Combining a variety of elements from a variety of genres, the Eastern Sea create something contemporary and beautiful.


Ran Blake & Christine Correa: Down Here Below

This well-meaning tribute has its moments, but ultimately emerges as disappointingly lackluster.


Trapist: The Golden Years

Much like Explosions in the Sky, Trapist make LP's that are technically EP's and all of the music's good enough for no one to care.


Ben Powell: New Street

New Street is a stunning record that loses itself in the latter half.


Parlovr: Kook Soul

Kook Soul is a wonderfully playful and inventive pop record.


The Inner Banks: Wild

Wild breezes by with unique craft and charm to spare.


4two7: Internal Dialogue

4two7 has DJ'ed, produced, and managed talent since the 1990's. Now, he finally gets a chance to showcase his artistic vision and he makes the most of it.


Michael the Blind: Are's & Els

On Michael the Blind's sophomore effort, he's got full production and is energized by the people surrounding him. One of the year's most exhilarating releases.

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