Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Strange Loop"

By the time the unexpectedly bright “Strange Loop” begins, and our Guyville journey ostensibly comes to its close, we have been so immersed in the quirks, characters, and corners of this fictitious, conceptual land that Phair’s final act is to catch us off guard. If Exile in Guyville was a thriller, “Loop” would be its masterful twist ending.


Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Stratford-on-Guy"

Guyville’s penultimate track reinforces the acting, knowing contradiction that makes Liz Phair’s vision as a storyteller so unique, its memorable chorus succinctly encapsulating the album’s stresses, disappointments and grit without redundancy.


Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Flower"

“Flower” is sarcastic, silly, salacious, and solidary -- a fine reminder of what Liz Phair and Exile in Guyville offers its female listeners: the permission, if even for just a hair over two minutes, to tap into and vocalize baser instincts without the threat of stigma and with the security that you’re never doing so alone.


Strange Loops: Liz Phair - "Divorce Song"

The next entry in the “domestic nightmare” branch of Liz Phair’s catalog, “Divorce Song” is a testament to Phair’s gifts as a storyteller and keen observer of human behaviors, emotions, and the delicate imbalances in male and female perception that can send a once thriving relationship entirely off-course.


Strange Loops: Liz Phair – "Fuck and Run"

This special edition of Between the Grooves celebrates and examines the classic “Fuck and Run” by inviting a panel of women introduced to the song and its creator during the very period Liz Phair is singing about, navigating the rocky terrain of romantic relationships, self-respect, and everything in between.


Strange Loops: Liz Phair – "Canary"

“Canary”, the eighth track on Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville, and in many ways the album’s most significant thematic and tonal turning point, makes a strong case for why a musician -- especially one with as sharp a gift for word play as Phair -- need always publicly publish her official lyrics.

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