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The Moving Pixels Podcast Goes to 'Detention'

Nick and Eric got sent to detention and missed Halloween, but they escaped their classroom just in time to talk about the Taiwanese horror game Detention.


The Moving Pixels Podcast Visits 'Tacoma'

This week, Nick and Eric talk about the cyberpunk, blue collar future of Tacoma.


The Moving Pixels Podcast Discovers 'What Remains of Edith Finch'

This week, Nick and Eric dive deep into the cursed family history of the Finch family.


The Moving Pixels Podcast Goes 'Full Throttle'

The violence and bravado of biker culture meets the careful logic of the adventure game in the Lucas Arts classic Full Thottle.


Kathy Rain: A Detective Is Born

Kathy Rain is Twin Peaks by way of Sue Grafton.

Eric Swain

'Herald' Attempts the Troubled Waters of the Colonial Narrative

The “colonialism” at play is not between nations, rather it seems more interested in how it influences a man recently come of age.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Beyond the Point-and-Click Adventure

David Cage's Beyond: Two Souls may just be "an evolution of the point-and-click adventure game that never happened".


The Journey Down: Chapter One

At just over two hours of gameplay, The Journey Down: Chapter One just a flicker of a game, but it’s brilliant enough and leaves behind an appealing ghost when it’s finished.


'Chaos on Deponia', As Clever and Fun As Its Predecessor

Chaos on Deponia is too much fun to pass up. It’s not an easy game to figure out, and it delights in its outlandish logic. By the time I finished with it, I did too.


'Deponia' Is a Great Cartoon

Deponia features a really fun atmosphere with smart writing and punchy voice acting. The slapstick is well executed and never overdone. It’s all the gameplay in between that interrupts the experience.


Moving Pixels Podcast: Kickstarter, Crowd Sourcing, and Game Development

This week we consider the influence of crowd sourcing on game development.



Resonance is short and well crafted and in every meaningful way a good game.

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