All Things Reconsidered The 35

Afterword: Rhymes of a Rolling Stone

Will the Real Bob Dylan Fan, Please Stand Up?

Blood on the Tracks: The Movie

Blood on the Stage

Images and Distorted Facts: The 35th Anniversary of Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks

The Defiance of Time in Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue”

Like a Revelation: Interacting with ‘Blood on the Tracks’

An Ugly Album Cover at a Career and Cultural Crossroads

Listening to Our Parents Talking: ‘Blood on the Tracks’ and the End of Dylan’s Pastoral Fantasy

Outgrowing the Grown-Up Album: Bob Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’

Dylan, Mary Lee, and the Jack of Hearts: Completing the Break-Up in Blood on the Tracks

Alias Bob Dylan: Billy the Kid, the Jack of Hearts and the Return of Dylan