Incubus and Dub Trio Party Like It's 1999 in San Francisco

As Incubus' Make Yourself album progresses on stage, the seamless flow that's always made it a great listen shines through as the band takes the audience on a genuine sonic journey.


Baroness Craft a New Benchmark of Creative Saturation with 'Gold & Grey'

Just about every listener—no matter their history or prior opinions—will deem Gold & Grey Baroness' masterpiece.


On the 30th Anniversary of Anthrax's 'State of Euphoria'

With State of Euphoria, Anthrax tempered some of the excessive '80s metal tendencies of their vocal, lead guitar, and song arrangements, reaching back toward something more viscerally punk as the '80s ended.


'The Wake' Proves Voivod Can Still Pack an Animalistic Intellectual Punch

Voivod may be veterans at this point, but with The Wake, they're still providing one-of-a-kind genre-shifting vivaciousness.


Clutch Revisit the Past on 'Book of Bad Decisions'

Clutch can't escape the past on their newest release Book of Bad Decisions.


Destroy Or Be Destroyed: Alice in Chains Confronts Ghosts, Past on 'Rainier Fog'

Frontman William DuVall discusses Alice in Chains' sessions for its first album tracked in Seattle in over 20 years and the emotional and psychological impact of recording on the group's home turf.

Jedd Beaudoin

Alice in Chains Revive Their Classic Sound Again on 'Rainier Fog'

The main issue with Alice in Chains' Rainier Fog is that the band never climbs from the bottom to the top of that mountain to give us all of their range. Still, a solid effort.


Incubus Rock the German Capital

Incubus brings Berlin's Columbiahalle crowd to ecstasy during the European Leg of their 8 tour.


Nonpoint Contemplates "Chaos and Earthquakes" Via New Video (premiere)

With hip-hop cadences and charging guitar figures that teeter on the brink of progressive metal, Nonpoint returns with a powerful statement about the times in which we live ahead of new album, X.


Skindred's Second Coming: Eclectic Welsh Outfit Ready to Reclaim America with 'Big Tings'

Still a top draw at European festivals, Skindred is finding a home on American radio once again with "That's My Jam's" multi-genre sound.

Jedd Beaudoin

'Eat the Elephant' Marks a Fresh and Bold Artistic Statement for A Perfect Circle

A Perfect Circle balances the constructive dissemination of contemporary society in their unique way and, in the process, rather surprisingly, may have just made one of the most prescient albums of the year.


Stone Temple Pilots Set the Gearshift for 3.0 at the Fillmore

Stone Temple Pilots and their dynamic new singer rock a packed Fillmore Auditorium to help get their 2018 tour rolling.


Stone Temple Pilots Return With a New Singer and a Familiar-Sounding Album

Stone Temple Pilots recruit a singer from a TV singing competition, make a back to basics album, and prepare to join the nostalgia circuit.


Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal Bring Rock Liberation to San Francisco

Queens of the Stone Age keeps the pedal to the metal with a high-energy set interrupted only by occasional interludes where Josh Homme muses with tidbits of hard-earned rock wisdom for a perilous world that's reached two minutes to midnight.


Answer to Denialists: An Interview with Serj Tankian

The atrocities of the Armenian genocide has run rampant through Serj Tankian's work in both System of a Down and in his solo career. Now, he soundtracks a film that talks about it in explicit terms, resulting in one of his most personal works to date.

Paul Carr

Sons of Texas: Forged by Fortitude

Sons of Texas' second album is full of swagger and skill, but is crucially lacking in the songwriting department.


Mastodon: Cold Dark Place EP

This EP is essential listening for any Mastodon fans who've followed the band into the 2010's without an excess of griping about what the band used to be.


The 10 Best Alternative Metal Singles of the 1990s

Antichrist superstars, astro-creeps, and broken machines all assemble for this look back at the ten best singles from alternative metal's golden era.


Disturbed: Asylum

Hard rock kings justify their crown on another remarkable album, this time expanding their sound to show growth and evolution while also staying true to their roots.


Nonpoint: Miracle

Ft. Lauderdale's pride and joy have shed their nu-metal roots and finally delivered a solid, pure rock album that's easily one of their best releases to date.


Sevendust: Cold Day Memory

The reunion of Sevendust's original lineup has reinvigorated the band and led to one of the best albums of their career.

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