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'World War 3 Illustrated #51: The World We Are Fighting For'

World War 3 Illustrated #51 displays an eclectic range of artists united in their call to save democracy from rising fascism.


Are You, Too, a Walking Manifesto?

We are living in a season of manifestos and Breanne Fahs is our queen. Our guidebook: Burn It Down!: Feminist Manifestos for the Revolution.


Flip It Over: An Ode to the B-Side

We determine what song is worthy of the "A" or "B" side -- not the music industry. On Will Stockton and D. Gilson's 33 1/3 B-Sides.


Reflections and Refractions: 'Apple, Tree: Writers on Their Parents'

The contributors to Apple, Tree: Writers on Their Parents identify nuance; frequently framing themselves and their parents through multiple lenses.


The U.S. Anti-Fascism Reader [By the Book]

Donald Trump's rise in American politics is not a resurgence of fascism, argues professor Enzo Traverso in his essay, "Trump's Savage Capitalism" -- it is something else. Traverso's essay is published in this excerpt from The U.S. Anti-Fascism Reader, courtesy of Verso Books.

Enzo Traverso

'The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories'

Jhumpa Lahiri's picks for The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories may betray her sympathies. She has no problem with this.


Sci-Fi Collection 'Palestine + 100' Looks to the Future, Teaches the Present

While several of the stories in Palestine + 100 are dystopian, others offer hope, emphasizing the urgency of peace and reconciliation not just for Palestinians, but for Israelis as well.

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Why Shouldn't Public Transit Be Free?

Dozens of cities have abolished transit fares. Their experience makes a compelling argument more should follow suit.


The Path in 'Beneath My Feet' Is Too Narrow to Follow

It would seem high time to put together an anthology of literary voices that have been marginalized in the grand tradition of walking. Beneath My Feet: Writers on Walking is not that anthology.


Fairy Tales for the Children of the Laborers

With anthology Workers' Tales, children's literature professor Michael Rosen curates fairy tales from the 19th and 20th centuries that resonate with workers' rights activists and their children today.


Bringing Forth the Male Gaze in 'Preeto & Other Stories'

The male writers in the anthology, Preeto & Other Stories, have been selected because each wrote extensively, if sometimes idealistically and sentimentally, about women.


'Best American Nonrequired Reading 2018'

Is there still any credence to the idea of non-required reading?


Robert Christgau's 'Is It Still Good to Ya?'

Robert Christgau is the rare critic who can write insightfully and passionately about a sweaty performance by a popular Congolese soukous band and a magisterial show by Senegal's Youssou N'Dour. That magic is captured in his latest anthology, Is It Still Good to Ya?


'Room 104' Season 2 Throws It All Against the Wall - Let's See What Sticks

HBO's anthology horror series, Room 104, offers glimpses of promise and bizarre insight, but often feels constrained by its half-hour timeframe.


Immediacy and Identity in '​PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2018'

PEN America Best Debut Short Stories 2018 is a primarily strong effort where the voices represent a tempting sample of some potentially great literary careers just beginning.


'The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories' Is a Perfect Balance of Classic and Modern

The Penguin Book of Japanese Short Stories is not merely another college lit anthology, but a fascinating collection of short stories from all periods and from several authors who all too rarely make it into English translation.


Reading 'Queer About Comics' Requires Stepping Out of the Mainstream

Queer About Comics sees graphic novels and comics as ripe with the social and aesthetic signals common in queer culture.


'Can We All Be Feminists?' Needs Privileged Women to Hear: Women's Rights Are Human Rights

A new intersectional feminist anthology says we can all be feminists, as long as we're willing to confront our privilege.


'We're Still at War': Illustrated Stories Testifying to Atrocities, Survival, and the Human Condition

Post Bellum's publishing mission is not simply to isolate testimony from those who suffered but to also shed light on those who worked against the smothering constraints of fascism and totalitarianism.


'Voices from the Rust Belt': Dispatches from one of America’s Most Misunderstood Regions

The daughters and sons of the embattled, resilient US heartland map out its personal, cultural, and historical landscape.


Punk Is Dead Is Very Alive

Killing modernity every night requires philosophy and experience.


In 'The Hunter Maiden' Morals Are Learned and Lessons Realized

These stories demonstrate a sweeping range of complex characters whose dynamic standpoints spark the imaginations of any reader.


Emo, Mascara Scars and All

The founder of Washed Up Emo brings together ten podcast interviews in print form to document the history of one of rock's most misunderstood genres.


'The Best American Mystery Stories 2017' Toys with the Genre

There's a lot packed into a short 350 pages here, so leave your preconceptions of what "mystery" means behind and enjoy.


Beware the Books in 'Bibliomysteries'

Book reading, book collecting, murder in libraries, and the mysterious desperation lurking in the dusty corners and between every aisle of bookstores past.


Academic Gamers, Your Assistance with 'Gaming Representation', Please

You might care about the concepts raised in Gaming Representation, but you probably won't be able to understand them.


It Takes a Village to Raise a Feminist: 'Nasty Women', an Anthology

Wars of attrition are a matter of stamina, of who has the most tools with which to keep fighting. A surprising common tool in this collection? Humor.


Various Artists: To the Outside of Everything: A Story of UK Post Punk 1977 - 1981

This definitive, five-CD anthology is a challenging and enlightening listen, a triumph of curatorship that provides near-encyclopedic insight into this important chapter of UK popular music history.


Nonrequired Reading Has a Finger on the Pulse of the Moment

Turning the pages of The Best American Nonrequired Reading to find Tweets or sheet music creates the kind of unexpected surprise that's often encountered in digital space, but seldom in print.


The Clean: Anthology

If you love crisp, jangly, guitar rock, the Clean's Anthology is quite the collection.


The Future Is Always Now: '21st Century Science Fiction'

Science fiction was never really about predicting the future so much as it was extrapolating and speculating on possible futures.


The Bee Gees: The Ultimate Bee Gees

Yet another greatest hits collection from the Brothers Gibb. Worth grabbing the Limited Edition just for the videos, but the two audio discs are redundant.


The Best American Comics 2008

Now that comics and graphic storytelling have been widely accepted as a part of the arts what is the purpose of the comics anthology?

Jim Bush

20 Questions: Handsome Dick Manitoba

Punk rock godfather and legend Handsome Dick Manitoba likes to kick back in the ol' Barcalounger and enjoy the comforts of home, as he reveals to PopMatters 20 Questions.


The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps

The good stories are terrific reads and the not-so-good stories are never dull.

Peter Swanson

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