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Sally Anne Morgan Invites Us Into a Metaphorical Safe Space on 'Thread'

With Thread, Sally Anne Morgan shows that traditional folk music is not to be smothered in revivalist praise. It's simply there as a seed with which to plant new gardens.


Very Good's 'Adulthood' Is Another Brilliant Exercise in Experimental Quirkiness

The third album from the twisted mind of Sean Cronin shows his band, Very Good, moving in strange, oddly compelling directions.


Siskiyou Contemplates "Unreal Erections /// Severed Heads" (premiere)

Colin Huebert (formerly of the Great Lake Swimmers and now of Siskiyou) offers brilliant, noisy and forward-thinking song from upcoming LP, Not Somewhere.


Kuri's "The Great Orator" Is an Exquisitely Powerful Avant-Folk Piano Ballad (premiere)

Former Oh Village frontman Scott Currie establishes a new persona as Kuri and a solo project with this gorgeously haunting new single, "The Great Orator".


Man's Gin: Rebellion Hymns

Man's Gin might not be a metal band, but the dark and primarily acoustic fare it provides is frequently grimmer than a funeral doom festival.


Earth: Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II

The unrehearsed and unconstrained nature of Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II proves that even at its most spontaneous, Earth has the power to astound and inspire.


Josephine Foster: Graphic As a Star

The Snow White of freak-folk gets her Emily Dickinson on.

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