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Metal's Imperial Triumphant Discuss 'Alphaville' Their Soundtrack to a Pandemic

On Friday, avant-garde metal band Imperial Triumphant release Alphaville, their best album yet. It may just be the soundtrack to a pandemic, and it's a redefining moment in metal.


Manes' 'Slow Motion Death Sequence' Is a Diorama of the Band's Existence

Norwegian art rock band Manes contemplate death and human existence on their electronica and trip-hop infused full-length Slow Motion Death Sequence.


Mob Terror Contemplates All of Us "People" (premiere)

Powerful Philly metal trio Mob Terror gives listeners a taste of new EP, Superstimulus, with "People".

Jedd Beaudoin

Portal's Carnage Continues with 'ION'

Australian extreme experimental alchemists Portal pursue a different approach to their devastating blend of death metal brutality.


Locrian and Mamiffer: Bless Them That Curse You

Bless Them That Curse You is hypnotic, elegant mastery, and it is all you could ever have hoped for from two such visionary groups.

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