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Sufjan Stevens' 'The Ascension' Is Mostly Captivating

Even though Sufjan Stevens' The Ascension is sometimes too formulaic or trivial to linger, it's still a very good, enjoyable effort.

Jordan Blum

Thin Lear's 'Wooden Cave' is Chamber Pop Perfection of the Highest Order

The latest album from Queens-based singer-songwriter Matt Longo, aka Thin Lear, is an impeccably crafted ode to loners, death, and alienation.


12 Essential Kate Bush Songs

While Kate Bush is a national treasure in the UK, American listeners don't know her as well. The following 12 songs capture her irrepressible spirit.


Nu Deco Ensemble and Kishi Bashi Remake "I Am the Antichrist to You" (premiere + interview)

Nu Deco Ensemble and Kishi Bashi team up for a gorgeous live performance of "I Am the Antichrist to You", which has been given an orchestral renovation.


Fiona Apple's Thundering 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' Is Her Most Striking Album

Fiona Apple's Fetch the Bolt Cutters is bold and demanding, and it might very well go down as the finest full-length she has ever made.


Circus Magic: Patrick Wolf at St Pancras Old Church

Across his career, Patrick Wolf has been a real ratchet of identities, textures, garlands, costumes, hairstyles and colours, reinventing himself with each album.

Anna Siemiaczko

Florence Welch Discussion and Acoustic Set at New Yorker Festival

Florence Welch participated in a deep discussion and gave a short performance as part of the 2019 New Yorker Festival.


Bent Knee's 'You Know What They Mean' Is Another Successful Experiment in Boundary Smashing

Boston art rockers, Bent Knee turn a corner with perhaps their most accomplished album yet in You Know What They Mean.


Vampire Weekend's Grandiose Madison Square Garden Debut

Vampire Weekend's largest headlining show in New York City, in support of their fourth album, Father of the Bride, was just one date of an extensive tour.


Bat for Lashes Sacrifices Exceptional Artistry for Nostalgia on 'Lost Girls'

In contrast to Bat for Lashes' previous efforts—whose dense peculiarities and poeticisms rewarded deep listening—the retro Lose Girls is too run-of-the-mill and inconsequential.


Lana Del Rey Brings SoCal Ennui to the Masses with the Astonishing 'Norman Fucking Rockwell'

Lana Del Rey's sixth studio album is a brazen, honest exercise in studied sophistication as well as the art of not giving a fuck.


Vampire Weekend Attempt Their 'White Album with 'Father of the Bride'

With the sprawling 18-track Father of the Bride, Vampire Weekend have written their White Album.


Weyes Blood Gets Cinematic on 'Titanic Rising'

Weyes Blood (a.k.a. Natalie Mering) conjures up a beautiful, cinematic world through with her insightful songwriting on Titanic Rising.


Vampire Weekend - "Harmony Hall" (Singles Going Steady)

"Harmony Hall" is about as likable as Vampire Weekend has ever been, from the super-clean ascending guitar lick right on through the piano breakdown that could only have been more baroque if it had been played on a harpsichord.


'Traveling On' Is an EP of Decemberists Outtakes

And There Are No Surprises to be Found Here.


Beirut Returns with Another Exquisite World Music Experiment in 'Gallipoli'

On Gallipoli, Beirut bridges indie music with traditional world music elements, creating a work of somber beauty.


British Duo TENDER Debut Video for New Single "Bottled Up" (premiere)

On their first release from forthcoming album, TENDER examine the flawed character traits that we all possess on intricately refined pop song.


My Brightest Diamond Launches a Champagne Supernova with Her New Album

My Brightest Diamond: "Just writing something simple can be really powerful. I think it's taken me a long time to do something simple and feel it is enough."


My Brightest Diamond Travels 'A Million and One' Ways

As someone who takes the moniker My Brightest Diamond knows, a glittering exterior offers its own rewards. Nova has a crystalline voice that she frequently uses in sharp, angular ways.


Julia Holter Produces Her Most Ambitious Work Yet with 'Aviary'

With her new record, Aviary, Julia Holter expands her scope to include elements of free improvisation, neo-classical leanings, and folk-induced hallucinations, thereby producing a substantial work of art.


Art Is a Recycling Across Generations: In Conversation with Julia Holter

As an artist who boldly blurs the line between avant-garde aesthetics and pop accessibility, Julia Holter's new album comes at us as a statement, and one that speaks to the power of her artistic journey.


Fave Five: The Dodos

Coming off yet another acclaimed set of strum-and-pound indie pop, Meric Long of the Dodos takes our Fave Five challenge and lists the Top Five Records You Can Enjoy With a Two-Year-Old.

Evan Sawdey

The Dodos Make Their Mid-Life Crisis Album with 'Certainty Waves'

On their seventh LP Certainty Waves, the Dodos continue to make hyperkinetic indie folk. They have made a record of blistering folk-pop poetry that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Visiter.


J Hacha De Zola Sings a Song of Unrequited Love With "Syn Illusión" (premiere)

"Syn Illusión" is a quick pause to reflect on matters of the heart before tearing into his fourth LP does J Hacha De Zola good.


A Night With Florence + the Machine

On the High As Hope tour, Florence + the Machine delivers empathy-fueled hope and community.


The Ophelias' 'Almost' Centralizes the Anguish and Discomfiture of 'Almost' Being an Adult

The Ophelias are more than a token girl band: they are a group who define their own creative individuality within the indie scene.


Florence and the Machine Show the Universality of Pain and Vulnerability on 'High As Hope'

High as Hope dials down Florence and the Machine's trademark theatrics to forge a vulnerable and visceral musical achievement.


Dr. Dog Tread Water on Their Tenth Album 'Critical Equation'

Philadelphia's Dr. Dog have a new label and a handful of winning songs, but all too often, the results are lackluster.


Eliza Rickman Loses "Pretty Little Head" (premiere)

Welcome to Night Vale regular Eliza Rickman bleeds for art in a new crowdfunded video for "Pretty Little Head".

Jedd Beaudoin

Moses Sumney Is for Lovers

L.A. singer-songwriter Moses Sumney chooses Oakland over San Francisco for a sold-out show that shared his fondness for an incapability of love.


The Decemberists Sever Their Stellar Streak with 'I'll Be Your Girl'

I'll Be Your Girl would stand as a fine but forgettable work on its own, yet when compared to the pedigree of its predecessors, it's quite disappointing.


Jon Brion's Soundtrack for 'Lady Bird' Possesses All the Baroque Charm You'd Expect

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion lends his melodic, baroque charm to the most acclaimed film of 2017.


San Fermin Stun Crowd at Brooklyn Bowl

The baroque pop group San Fermin is a formidable band to watch. They hit Brooklyn for two nights and are on tour now.


Sufjan Stevens Gives 'The Greatest Gift' to His Biggest Fans

The Greatest Gift is a record for those who are already Sufjan Stevens diehard fans, and there are a LOT.


Andrew Bird: Echolocations: River

The music presents itself as more than just nature sounds. Andrew Bird is an active participant in the process. he doesn't sit by the side of the river but wades in ankle deep and wanders.


Tori Amos: Native Invader

On her 15th studio album, Tori Amos dispenses wisdom and evokes complex, unspeakable emotions with inimitable skill.

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