Killing the Fatted Comic Book Movie Calf

Just this past week, the cast of the new Star Wars film was "announced", and instead of taking the obvious pros and cons of the actors chosen in stride, the screeching Twitter outrage and blog bludgeoning began in full force.


Annie's Black... So What?

Annie may indeed be black now, but that doesn't matter. Your reaction, on the other hand, is what's really important, and what it says about you, and the state of society, is even more telling.


'Ender's' Shame

As we come to terms with our past and look forward toward a better tomorrow, situations like the one with Ender's Game will be seen as what they truly are: part of the growing process, an aside in our increased attempt at understanding


Gore Is Good!

Like discovering your Dad's stash of Playboys when you were young, the shady, antisocial nature of such disturbing imagery represents the heavy metal equivalent of movies, the raised fist anarchy that many horror fans long to embrace.


Jim VanBebber and the Return of 'The Manson Family'

After nearly a decade in the DVD wilderness, Jim VanBebber's incredible The Manson Family is being roadshowed around the country. In this interview, the filmmaker talks about his past, his present, and his propensity for film.

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