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Steve McQueen's 'Small Axe' and Emerging Institutions of Black Power

In contrast to the pervasive attitude of cynicism that declares the world fixed and existing power structures unbeatable, Small Axe narrates how Black Power has been and remains a viable force that shapes British and world history.


Louise Thompson Patterson and the Long Tradition of Radical Struggle

Reading the struggle of Patterson and her comrades a century ago reminds us that today's racist violence is not a temporary aberration but a deeply rooted and pervasive flaw in American society.


What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and the Power of Music?

Denise Sullivan represents the insider intellectual stamina of rock 'n' roll journalism without the pomp and pretense. She is the past and future of the form, rolled into one uncanny style.


'On the Ground's Tale of the Underground Press Relies on 'Anecdote' and 'Atmosphere'

Fascinating to look at and bursting with stories from those who led the charge, On the Ground proves long on anecdotes short on historical impact.

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