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The 100 Best Albums of the 2000s: 80-61

In this next segment of PopMatters' look back on the music of the 2000s, we examine works by British electronic pioneers, Americana legends, and Armenian metal provocateurs.


Bloc Party: The Nextwave Sessions

Bloc Party may be taking an indefinite break from music, but The Nextwave Sessions EP supplies fans with a few new songs that will be sure to please fans and newcomers alike.


The Selector (New UK Music) feat. Scrimshire (stream)

The latest edition of 'The Selector' from the British Council features new tunes from Bloc Party, Barbarossa, and Goldfrapp, as well as live session tracks from British singer-songwriter Scrimshire. Bloc Party knocked it out of the park with their new single, "Ratchet".


Bloc Party: 17 September 2012 - Washington, D.C.

Bloc Party return stateside in support of a strong new record, playing its version of a "greatest hits" show to fantastic results.


Bloc Party: Four

After electronic excursions and solo outings, the British indie rock ensemble is back, marrying its recent experiments with some downright grungy riffage.


Bloc Party - "Octopus" (video)

Bloc Party's new album Four releases 21 August and here is the latest video "Octopus".


Daft Punk Is Playing at Your House: 10 Essential Dance-Rock Albums

Today, the intersection of dance music and rock music seems only natural. However, the process has been in the making for decades, and this list provides an introduction to ten of the best albums this genre combination has to offer.


Bloc Party: 28 March 2009 - Chicago

Several factors that work against Bloc Party on record actually manage to work in their favor live.


Bloc Party: Intimacy

Intimacy might not actually be all that intimate, but it is a thing of rough, recycled beauty.

Ross Langager

Steve Aoki: Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

The founder of Dim Mak Records releases his debut "mix tape" that recaps some of the best electro-tinged remixes of 2007.


Various Artists: This is Next

The world is better for every new pair of ears that gets turned on to Of Montreal and Ted Leo. The only real question is this: do you really need this album to begin with?


Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City

A Weekend in the City is the type of album made by bands that aren't quite sure where to go for their second statement to the world, after their first statement is received with almost universal acclaim.


Bloc Party: God Bless Bloc Party [DVD]

Bloc Party just might be receiving a few premature blessings here.

Dan MacIntosh

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm Remixed

Finally, new Bloc Party material. Hey, wait a second...

Liam Colle

Fifteen Minutes with Bloc Party

Drummer Matt Tong talks about their rapid success.

Kevin Jagernauth

Music Midtown 2005 Featuring Interpol + The White Stripes + Bloc Party + More

The truth was, I really did want to see the bands at Music Midtown more than the ones at Bonnaroo. I swear.

Chase Martyn

Bloc Party: 9 April 2005 - Washington, DC

The images photographs and likenesses obtained from tonight's performance will be recorded. Posterity? Well, this is history, right?

Andrew Phillips

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm

Batten down the hatches and light the torches. Bloc Party is Paul Revere music.

Zeth Lundy

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