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Rufus Wainwright Makes a Welcome Return to Pop with 'Unfollow the Rules'

Rufus Wainwright has done Judy Garland, Shakespeare, and opera, so now it's time for Rufus to rediscover Rufus on Unfollow the Rules.


Esmé Patterson Goes Dream Pop on 'There Will Come Soft Rains'

Working with indie pop's Tennis, There Will Come Soft Rains moves Esmé Patterson away from her folk music proclivities towards a more dream-pop vibe, and uses the album to musically capture the emotionally unspeakable.


Greg Dulli Crafts a Nocturnal Solo Debut of Reflective Triumph with 'Random Desire'

Greg Dulli's Random Desire is striking in its unified exploration of what comes after — years after — a heartbreak. Not a mere collection of 10 songs, it is an album in the classic sense, each track as essential as a chapter in a book or a scene from a movie.


Joan Armatrading Keeps Love and Affection Close at Hand on 'Not Too Far Away'

Sounding vibrant, perky and totally committed, Joan Armatrading returns with an album characterized by rock nous and pop sensibility.


Jumping Over Rainbows: An Interview with Joan Armatrading

Inspired as ever, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading explores the complexity of love on her 21st album Not Too Far Away.

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