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Drum Machines? Samples? Brendan Benson Gets Contemporary with 'Dear Life'

Powerpop overlord and part-time Raconteur, Brendan Benson, grafts hip-hop beats to guitar pop on his seventh solo album, Dear Life.


Young Hines: Give Me My Change

Young Hines can carry a tune and maybe even write one, but the remarkably unremarkable Give Me My Change just doesn't add up.


Brendan Benson: What Kind of World

Despite being a perfectly catchy pop record, What Kind of World, like Benson's subjects, never quite settles down confidently nor rambles fruitfully.


Brendan Benson - "What Kind of World" MP3 (PopMatters Premiere)

Today on PopMatters we have the pleasure of premiering "What Kind of World". Brendan Benson says, "I think we captured an '80s, new wave sort of sound that I've always been obsessed with ala the Cars or Missing Persons."


By Whatever Means Necessary: Brendan Benson Goes Undercover

The songwriter talks pseudonyms, the status of the Raconteurs and maybe not needing to write a song about your first child right away.


Jon Lindsay: Escape From Plaza-Midwood

Charlotte-based singer-songwriter compares love to a Ponzi scheme and honors his power pop forbears.

Freeden Oeur

The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely

Consolers is a labored album, the product of much studio tinkering and a desperate need for the band to prove themselves as a "serious" outfit.


Third Time's a Charm: An Interview with Brendan Benson

It's been rough getting here, but he's stayed focused and made a new album, and even picked up some friends along the way.

Jason MacNeil

Brendan Benson: The Alternative to Love

With music that's deceptively simple and lyrics often prone to over-rhyming, Benson still manages to deliver another melodic winner.

Gary Glauber

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