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Truthfulness in the Shadow of Despair: 'Our Short History'

A tender tale of survival and legacy, Lauren Grodstein meditates on the love and grief between a dying mother and her son.


Person to Person: Reading People Through Video Games

What if you could analyze a work and glean information about a flesh and blood person? What if you could know someone through a piece of art?


Learning to Breathe

It’s a strange and frustrating experience, trying to teach someone to play a game. You think about movements that have long become unconscious, a bit like trying to describe the exact mechanics of breathing.


Hope and Despair in Video Games

There are moments in games that capture the feud waged in ourselves between hope and despair.


Representing a Disease in 'That Dragon, Cancer'

Cancer is tragic, but it’s also mundane, absurd, and sometimes even funny. That Dragon, Cancer is an unflinching look at the disease.


'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' Is Strong Where It Matters

For all of its moments of genuine heartbreak, this film is really good at being funny without being ingratiating.


Donald Hall's 'Essays After Eighty' Is an Unsparing Look at Extreme Old Age

To presume to review works of this level is farcical; we can only be overjoyed by their continued existence.


The Death and More Still of the Malignant Man

At its heart, Malignant Man is not a horror comic. Nor does it try to be. It’s a dark thriller that combines action, suspense and a bit of fun into a tale that ends up reminding as a combination of The Matrix and Alien. But…

Charles Moss

My Disco: Little Joy

Hey look, it's another post-punk revival band!


Bright-Sided by Barbara Ehrenreich

In attacking America's "cult of cheerfulness", Ehrenreich makes a good argument, but doesn't take it far enough.


Rammer: Cancer

No life 'til leather, Rammer's gonna kick some ass tonight.

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