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Molly Tuttle Discusses Honoring Music She Loves with a Fabulous New Covers LP

Singer-songwriter and award-winning flatpicking guitarist Molly Tuttle found a creative way to shake the pandemic by recording …but i'd rather be with you, covering a wide range of artists she loves.


Teddy Thompson Sings About Love on 'Heartbreaker Please'

Teddy Thompson's Heartbreaker Please raises one's spirits by accepting the end as a new beginning. He's re-joining the world and out looking for love.


Sarah Jarosz Finds Inspiration in Her Texas Roots on 'World on the Ground'

By turning to her roots in central Texas for inspiration on World on the Ground, Sarah Jarosz has crafted some of her strongest songs yet.


Gretchen Peters Honors Mickey Newbury With "The Sailor" and New Album (premiere + interview)

Gretchen Peters' latest album, The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs of Mickey Newbury, celebrates one of American songwriting's most underappreciated artists. Hear Peters' new single "The Sailor" as she talks about her latest project.


Remembering John Prine's 'The Missing Years'

On John Prine's first album of the 1990s, the legendary singer-songwriter invited a few Heartbreakers, some ace session players, an Everly, Bonnie Raitt, and the Boss to help make the best album since his classic debut.


Teddy Thompson Emerges "Brand New" (premiere + interview)

Returning with his first album under his own name since 2011, Teddy Thompson remains the king of heartbreak. "I just don't know how to write about anything else. I don't see that there is anything else really impactful to write about."


John Prine's 'The Missing Years' Showcases His Penchant for Storytelling

The Missing Years reveals John Prine's ability to embolden the amusing and touching despite the underlying strife.


Amanda Shires Stokes Fires of Raging Rock 'n' Roll on Atmosphereless Tour

A down-to-earth roots musician who doesn't care if you call her instrument a violin or fiddle, Amanda Shires played it incredibly well while impressing Mile Highwomen, millennial men, and golden oldies alike during a hot winter night in Colorado.


Ohtis' Debut Album 'Curve of Earth' Is About Addiction and Recovery

Singer-songwriter Sam Swinson's raw honesty and Ohtis' musical creativity will win you over even as Curve of Earth is not an easy listen.


Patty Griffin Tells It True on Her New Self-Titled Album

There's a Lone Star saying that goes something like, "It doesn't matter if I am right, as long as I know I am true". Patty Griffin follows that motto.


Kathy Mattea Flies Like a 'Pretty Bird'

"Tell Me What You Ache For" Kathy Mattea sings, but the songs on Pretty Bird suggest the pain is still too strong for her to do so.


Gregory Alan Isakov - "Chemicals" (track review)

True to Isakov's style, "Chemicals" is a penetrating narrative that explores the complexity of the human condition.


Parker Millsap Makes 'Other Arrangements'

Other Arrangements reveals the depth and range of Parker Millsap's singing talents in his search for a bigger audience.


Trouble in the Field: A Conversation with Nanci Griffith

Hell no, she ain't happy. But Intersection is her best album in years. She talks with PopMatters about the album and feeling like she's too radical for American politics these days.

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