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Why I Love Tilda Swinton... Now

Late to the party when it comes to Ms. Swinton, this is my mea culpa for not recognizing her greatness before now.

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'42': Is It Too Simplistic?


Critical Confessions 27: Forget Me Lots

No one likes to redo a job they've done before. In the realm of film criticism, it's amazing it doesn't happen more often.


Critical Confessions 26: Of Texts and Tweets

As we remove the veil of privacy around ourselves, as we open up our once secret domains to all manner of technological innovations, we will face the inevitable intrusion that comes from same.


Critical Confessions 25: Pre-Teenage Kicks

How a lunchtime film series in Junior High (circa '73) made me the film fan I am today.


Against the Consensus: 'Chungking Express'

This film is a case study in style over substance. This is not always a bad thing. Godard, a master filmmaker, made a career out of this concept. However, when the style offered is derivative, the idiom looms forebodingly.


Critical Confessions: Part 24 - Awards Season Workhorse

Coming up with a Top Ten is difficult enough...but because of such arguably unimportant factors as timing, publicity, legitimacy, and that always persnickety concept of being first out of the online gate, my fellow film writers are constantly pushing for earlier and earlier reveals.


Critical Confessions: Part 23 - Venice Envy

Sure, if you factor in all the NY to LA releases, as well as those things planned by just not panning out, the odds of seeing something good definitely increase. But when zombies, wolves, and owls are your big beginning-of-Fall selling points, the prospects are rather grim.


Critical Confessions: Part 22: 'Inception' - Nolan-Nothing vs. Nolan-It-All

In a medium of majority rules, being on the outside looking in is always difficult. Hurling accusations at the ones winning in the court of public opinion is a poor strategy at best.


Critical Confessions: Part 21 - Why I HATE Romantic Comedy

When compared to the efforts of the recent past, the Romantic Comedy is in a talent-free tailspin that may be impossible to pull out of.


Critical Confessions: Part 19 - Top Ten-tative

You know you're in awards season trouble when 'Star Trek' continues to haunt your Top Ten.


Victim's Gay Hero and Modern Marvels of Social Change

No, gays won’t have to march- there are plenty more ways for heroes to come out to battle. What if lynching had gone viral? Remember that Dr. King had no iPhone, hence the distance between Montgomery and Atlanta was enormous, but dwarfed by now the Internet (not to mention I-85).


Critical Confessions: Part 18 - Fool Me Once for a 'Fourth' Time

The Fourth Kind is NOT the truth. It is a piece of fiction using other pieces of fiction to verify its already fake plotline.

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