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Meridian Brothers Get Funky and Experimental on 'Cumbia Siglo XXI'

Bogotá's Meridian Brothers return with another avant-garde take on electric cumbia with Cumbia Siglo XXI.


Dengue Dengue Dengue - 'Zenit & Nadir' (Track By Track)

Peru's Dengue Dengue Dengue release their fourth album Zenit & Nadir today via Enchufada and it expands beyond their earlier success in the electro cumbia scene into a greater variety of rhythms and approaches.


Superfónicos Transcends the Limitations of the Americas' Political States on "Cumbéalo" (premiere)

Austin-based Afro-Colombian funk ensemble Superfónicos honors a more inclusive sense of America on their new cumbia single "Cumbéalo".


Monsieur Periné's New Album Keeps It Tropical

The follow-up to Monsieur Periné's Latin Grammy win sees them expanding their sound on Encanto Tropical (Tropical Charm) and the group tells us all about it.


Sonido Gallo Negro Balances a Psychedelic Richness with Cumbia on 'Mambo Cósmico'

Sonido Gallo Negro's Mambo Cósmico is driven by cumbia's buoyant and consistent rhythms that create a sonically rich and bounteous album.


Bombay Rickey Merges Bollywood, Surf Rock, and Opera on "Megalodon" (premiere)

High-energy opera and surf rock swirls tell a story of ancient sharks on Bombay Rickey's dramatic "Megalodon".


Various Artists: Andina: The Sound of the Peruvian Andes

Vintage music from the Peruvian Andes makes for a lively compilation, although it loses something in the translation from past to present.


Money Chicha - 'Echo en Mexico' (album stream) (premiere)

If you’re looking for a psychedelic trip to top off your end of week, look no further than Money Chicha's new album.


Jaro Milko & The Cubalkanics: Cigarros Explosivos!

They need to either knock you dead with skill or else subvert the whole notion of skill.


Various Artists: The Rough Guide to Latin Rare Groove

Customer satisfaction almost universal on this one.


La Yegros: Viene de Mí

An intense spiny knot of Argentinean nu-cumbia, the directness of the Colombian bounce affected by the slippy local sound.


Bomba Estereo: Elegancia Tropical

The band's star has risen thanks to their unique blend of cumbia-powered jams, electro-shimmering layers of sound and catchy riffs from the guitars and synths.


Kumbia Queers: Pecados Tropicales

Surf guitars, sapphic lyrics, and punk rock attitude from the Buenos Aires sextet.


Mexican Institute of Sound: Politico

Making this sort of traditional-meets-modern formula work is a difficult thing to do once, rare to see twice and Lara is now on his 4th record. This fact alone is indicative of a better than average formula.


Bang Data: La Sopa

Mix in a portion of Cumbia, a dash of Samba, a sprinkling of Ska, a dollop of rock and a measure of bilingual vocals. Put it on your player for an hour and bingo: La Sopa!


Quantic and Alice Russell: Look Around the Corner

Sometime collaborators and label mates, Alice Russell and Quantic finally produce a full album. It’s been worth the wait.


Bondi Blaster: Lo’ Juimo!

Juan Data is one of those inventors who like to be hard on themselves.

Deanne Sole

Sergent Garcia: Una y Otra Vez

Imagine if Theodor Adorno wrote Disney princess songs -- only, you know, with a salsa band.


Ranil y su Conjunto: Ranil's Jungle Party

As rock 'n' roll fever took over the US and UK, musicians in Peru were busy developing their own style. Latin rhythms, stinging guitars, and Amazonian attitude are the lasting thrills of this collection of songs recorded by Ranil y su Conjunto in the 1970s.


Grupo Fantasma: El Existential

On their fourth studio album, Grupo Fantasma continue to throw elements of funk, reggae, and rock into their danceable stew of Latin American styles and somehow make it sound completely natural.


Various: The Rough Guide to Colombian Street Party

This is exactly how a party album from a respected world music label should be handled.


Various: The Roots of Chicha

The Roots of Chicha jogs along on a wave of good humour, jaunty male singing, and an overall vibe of pride and pleasure.


Various: Colombia!

The album almost giggles with verve.

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