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​'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri'​ Seethes with Tension

If Martin McDonagh's dark comedy-drama doesn't quite out-Fargo Fargo, it brilliantly illustrates the chaos a few choice words can cause in the hands of a talented filmmaker.


The Funny Vignettes in 'Wild Tales' Are Rooted in Anger, Frustration, and Misery

The Argentinian anthology film Wild Tales is proof that the most compelling artists, in this case director Damián Szifron, channel their rage into their work.


'Wild Target': Moral Ambiguity Without Messy Drool

Thoughtfully drawn characters give audiences something to relate to and laugh at in the offbeat comedy, Wild Target.


'Three and Out': Is This Really Supposed to Be a Comedy?

Why did this UK film go straight-to-DVD in the US? I know why.


Nurse Jackie

Jackie Peyton is caring and vindictive, she cuts corners to save lives, has a loving boyfriend and a loving husband, two daughters, and a drug addiction. She's also the best nurse around.

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