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Reinventing Don Imus: Anatomy of an Excuse

Imus traffics in the tropes of hip-hop and black culture in general on an occasional, selective basis -- a cafeteria approach to cultural exploration as obvious as it is insincere.


Imus prepares to sue CBS for $40 million

David Hinckley and Corky Siemaszko

CBS fires Imus from radio show

Michael Klein and Michael D. Schaffer

Don Imus: The Character of the Content

It would be easy to "get over" a disparaging remark about one’s race or gender (or religion or sexual orientation) if one could confidently believe that one's thus ridiculed identity would never be the cause of denied fair treatment, or extended common courtesy, in society at large.

David Swerdlick
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It's a 24/7 shriek show, not a shred of self-editing

Karen Heller / The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT)

MSNBC drops Imus

Jennifer Mann

CBS, MSNBC suspend Imus for 2 weeks

Austin Fenner and Corky Siemaszko

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