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Tolouse Low Trax's 'Jumping Dead Leafs' Is Coated in Dank Grooves

Detlef Weinrich's latest release as Tolouse Low Trax, Jumping Dead Leafs, is covered in such infectious, dank, thudding grooves that force the body to deal with them.


A Guide to the Birdsong of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

Culture and nature are beautifully inseparable in the second volume of the environmentally-conscious A Guide to the Birdsong series.


Haux Compellingly Explores Pain via 'Violence in a Quiet Mind'

By returning to defined moments of pain and struggle, Haux cultivates breathtaking music built on quiet, albeit intense, anguish.


São Paulo's Céu Returns with a Fresh Perspective on 'APKÁ!'

On Céu's APKÁ!, blissful interpretations of late-night dance music styles and high-heat MPB make for a multidimensional album of soulful energy, replete with her effortless sophistication.


Lee Jones' 'Down Into Light' Is a Minutiae-Scanning Beauty of Minimal Techno

Down Into Light feels like the album Lee Jones was always born to make. He's always had a lightness of touch, but here, his touch is more delicate than ever.


DJ Python's 'Mas Amable' Is a Loopy, Continuous Dream

On DJ Python's Mas Amable, everything moves along in a liquid haze. Each song slowly mutates into the next, and each sound seems to become something unlike itself.


Clara Engel's 'Hatching Under the Stars' Is the Perfect Accompaniment to Isolation

Dream-folk's Clara Engel sets the stage with an opener on Hatching Under the Stars that's a masterclass in minimalist expansion.


Electronic Artist Burial Creates Flawless Music of Bewilderment and Compassion

Burial's Tunes 2011-2019 is music that describes our alienation while it also provides us no little comfort in the face of that gloomy reality. This is flawless music of bewilderment and compassion in equal measure.


Anything But Easy: An Interview with Tycho

Scott Hansen's Grammy-nominated instrumental outfit has thrived in the streaming era, soundtracking lives with quiet anthems while selling out arenas. With Tycho's new album, he does the unthinkable and adds vocals to the mix.


Tycho Incorporates a Vocalist Into His Electronic Dream Pop on 'Weather'

On Weather, chillwave's Tycho proves he can incorporate all of his signature elements into a traditional pop song structure without having to compromise the core.


Dido Remains Singular and Special on 'Still on My Mind'

Still on My Mind is another rich outing for Dido in every way, with some truly awe-inspiring combinations of singer-songwriter radiance and novel sonic juxtapositions.


Leon Vynehall's 'DJ-Kicks' Entry Proves Fascinating and Frustrating in Equal Measure

Leon Vynehall crafts a crate-digging set which, while not always satisfying, at least remains one of the bolder entries in the long-running DK-Kicks series.


The Beta Band's 'The Three E.P.'s' Is 20 Years Old on a Perfect Reissue

Disregarding a legacy footnoted by a cameo in a film, the Beta Band's collection of The Three E.P.'s is remastered and reissued in celebration of its 20th anniversary and the band's too short career.


Penelope Trappes Moves on to Round 'Two'

Experimental artist Penelope Trappes has created a photobook and video to go with Penelope Two whose stark images appropriately mirror the sounds. As in the pictures, Trappes finds being naked of value in that it allows her to be herself.


Beacon Creates a Leaner Electronic Sound on 'Gravity Pairs'

On Beacon's Gravity Pairs, every gentle breath of synth, gliding piano note, and softly tapped pad is expertly cultivated to enrich the song with Thomas Mullarney's voice drawing out the humanity, compassion and empathy.


Jazzanova Sets the Bar Higher Than Ever Before

The Pool is Jazzanova's Exile on Main Street.


'Nothing Is Still' Is Leon Vynehall's Undoubted Electronic Masterpiece

On Nothing Is Still, Leon Vynehall has woven a rich tapestry of complimentary sounds that serves a purpose far bigger than the music itself.


Bonobo's 'Migration' Tour Is an Exercise in Range

Famed British electronic music composer Bonobo pulls off another triumphant reinvention and wows the crowd in a packed Budapest Park.


All India Radio Plunge Further Beyond the Cosmos on 'Space'

All India Radio has always been a spacey, dreamy band. With Space, they head further out into even deeper space.


On Brazilian Girls' 'Let's Make Love' Hedonism Has Blossomed Into Passion with a Purpose

Brazilian Girls' Let's Make Love is filled with an unyielding blend of love, defiance, and fearless beats of every kind, all topped off with Sabina Sciubba's incredible voice.


Rhye - "Count to Five" (Singles Going Steady)

Soft R&B grooves sneak up on you with subtlety on Rhye's "Count to Five", a low-key jam that isn't too summery but still offers some hope for the end of winter.


Rhye's 'Blood' Offers Fleshy Pleasures and Not Much More

After Woman reintroduced smooth, raw sexuality to indie pop, Michael Milosh returns five years later with new collaborators and an aim to further explore the sonic territory of his previous work. The same pleasures are there, but they feel more hollow the second time around.


Thievery Corporation Fires Up San Francisco for the Musical Resistance

Blending a dazzling array of musical influences and directions for more than two decades now, Thievery Corporation have come to represent one of the 21st century's boldest bands in both genre-blending style and lyrical impact.


Ibeyi: Ash

On the duo's second album, Ibeyi's thundering beats and soulful jazz are all boldly colored substance.


Living Phantoms - "New Day" (video) (premiere)

Singer, guitarist, producer Will Benoit brings acclaimed album Memory Palace in the physical realm with help and love of family, friends.


Geotic: Abysma

Abysma is undoubtedly a pleasant listen, but it runs the risk of leaving very little impression at all.


Teengirl Fantasy: 8AM

Teengirl Fantasy gesture plenty at dark, intense, minimal electronic music on 8AM, but too often the duo fails to commit.


Bonobo: Migration

Migration does not so much change course from Bonobo's prior work as refine it to its artistic pinnacle.


Dark Blue-Grey With Neon Pink Flashes: An Interview With Jon Hopkins

Transcendent electronic musician Jon Hopkins reflects on two decades of composition and collaboration and hints at what’s on the horizon.

A. Noah Harrison

Zero 7: EP 3

Zero 7 and friends create a gentle and compelling EP.


Illum Sphere: Ghost of Then and Now

Ninja Tune finally delivers an album worthy of the label's long history of jazzy, smokey, and head-bopping beats.


Dark Days, Luminous Nights: An Interview with Vanessa Daou

An exploration of love in the time of political unrest, Light Sweet Crude is Vanessa Daou’s musical thesis on regained emotional ground, a desire line carved from the departure point of doubt to the destination of self-made reality.


Counterbalance No. 157 Air's 'Moon Safari'

All I need is a little sign to get behind this sun and cast this weight of mine. All I need is the place to find, and there I'll celebrate the 157th most acclaimed album of all time. '90s French electronica pioneers are this week's Counterbalance.


RJD2: More Is Than Isn't

RJ is back with his staple head-nodding funk-bopping style, dropping the beats for the fans of that strictly unique RJD2 aesthetic.


Snow Ghosts: And the World Was Gone

Snow Ghosts return with their And The World Was Gone EP,- a brilliantly moody slice of modern trip hop.


Gold Panda: Trust EP

Ghostly have been haunting our record collections with an increasing frequency lately. They seem to be signing more and more artists who like to take risks with electronic music and, fortunately for them, these risks seem to routinely pay off.

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