The Two Worlds of Graphic Novel Umma's Table

Where fiction typically emphasizes plot, Yeon-Sik Hong's Umma's Table emphasizes a rich layering of events that creates the artful impression of memoir-like fiction.


Sylvia Nickerson's Graphic Memoir, 'Creation' Is ​an Emotional Thought Experiment

The differences between Sylvia Nickerson's realistically-depicted homeless and the blob-like privileged establishes Creation's central dichotomy and critique.


Sometimes Words Are Just Too Blunt: Travis Dandro's 'King of King Court'

Travis Dandro's King of King Court is an excellent reminder of how evocatively effective comics are in the hands of a skilled memoirist.


Seth's 'Clyde Fans' and the Revolving Slowdown of a Declining Business

Seth's inspiration for the epic story, Clyde Fans, grew from an empty storefront and photographs of two middle-aged men; thus it is imbued with palpable sadness and regret.


'Blame This on the Boogie' Blurs the Lines between Graphic Novel and Songbook

Passion defines Rina Ayuyang's life as Blame This on the Boogie explores the pleasures and pitfalls of pop culture devotion.


It's Rare to Find Horror Executed So Perfectly in Graphic Fiction As It Is in 'Beautiful Darkness'

If you're used to the blood splatter of slasher films or the evil monsters of supernatural thrillers, be warned: Beautiful Darkness covers an abyss of horrors far deeper.


How Male Dominance in French Grammar Affects Julie Delporte's 'This Woman's Work'

Julie Delporte's graphic memoir, This Woman's Work, documents her private and professional search for her place in a male-dominated field and world.


Love and Politics Go Awry in James Sturm's 'Off Season'

There's a pleasant "off-ness" about the not really reality within reality of James Sturms' graphic fiction, Off Season.


Nick Drnaso's 'Sabrina' and Affronts to Truth

Drnaso's Sabrina explores how isolation, both psychic and social, fuels the evolution of tragedy into social paranoia and a dehumanized narrative of fraud.


'Art Comic' Is a Comedic Comic of Artful Artlessness

Matthew Thurber's Art Comic lampoons the art world by wallowing in its shallowest waters.


The Future Is Female: 'Woman World'

Aminder Dhaliwal draws a world without men in her pleasantly post-apocalyptic Woman World.


Jason Lutes, Author of 'Berlin', on Drawing War Comics and Resisting Fascism

As we learn in this interview, when Jason Lutes began drawing the Berlin series in the '90s, he had no idea his own country would be facing the threat of fascism, again, by the time he completed it.


'Von Spatz' Puts Walt Disney in the Library of Babel

Anna Haifisch's Von Spatz is sort of a cross between Roger Rabbit's "Toon Town" and Borges' "Library of Babel".


'Coyote Doggirl' Reveals Unexpected Life Under Familiar Western Terrain

Lisa Hanawalt's work is proof that even a genre as seemingly played-out as the western can reveal a rich landscape if the right hands are holding the reins.


'Red Winter' Weathers the Heartbreaks of Communism

Swedish graphic novelist Anneli Furmar paints a bright window into a gray corner of political history.


A Manga Superstar Gets Serious with This Tragic Tale: 'Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths'

This blistering anti-war story by a Japanese WWII vet is a rarity for the Western reader: an example of Japanese military dissent circa World War II.

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