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Jack Halberstam's 'Wild Things: The Disorder of Desire' (excerpt)

Enjoy this excerpt of Wild Things: The Disorder of Desire, wherein Jack Halberstam offers an alternative history of sexuality by tracing the ways in which wildness has been associated with queerness and queer bodies throughout the 20th century.

Jack Halberstam

William E. Connolly on the Indifference of the World to Human Endeavor

In Climate Machines, Fascist Drives, and Truth, political theorist William E. Connolly explores how our assumption that the world is made for us has led us into a dangerous complacency.


Robert Christgau, Collected: 'Book Reports'

The columns, reviews, and essays covering the intersections of musical narratives, sociology, history, and economics in Book Reports, from the Dean of American Rock Critics, is much more than just the man on the tunes.


Quinlan Miller's 'Camp TV' Could Use Some Levity

Under the aegis of fluidity, Quinlan Miller advances a trans-conscious viewpoint in Camp TV that happily takes a pick-ax to more basic gender studies approaches to pop media.


Sarah Banet-Weiser Takes on Institutionalized Misogyny in 'Empowered'

Empowered centralizes popular feminism's ability to expose an injurious site where dominant masculinity is fallible.


'Bright Signals' Is a Rich Cultural and Social History of a Taken-for-granted Medium

In the development of television, "color wars" are analogous to the adoption of VHS over BetaMax and Blu-ray over HD-DVD technologies. Murray's study shows how the adoption of standards in media technology directly impact audiences to this day.


When It Comes to Collecting Vinyl, It's Better to Be a Freak Than a Snob

In Vinyl Freak, John Corbett exposes a beautiful and dusty world forgotten but kept alive by that dying medium known as the vinyl record.

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