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Joe the Plumber

Don Wright

International Lampoon: (Don't Be) Mad (At The) Magazine

The New Yorker may have outsmarted itself. Its core readership is left of center and they care about the things that Obama cares about. But the cartoon may have the effect of encouraging Obama's opponents to step up their mythmaking because they've been provided with "cover" by a respected liberal magazine.

David Swerdlick

Sister Christian: An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton's Disenchanted Supporters

Obama has, with his résumé, his upbeat tone, and even his nondescript "even Steven" haircut, positioned himself as the metaphorical love child of Al Gore and Will Smith -- the perfect brew of debonair and nerdy that is the only formula possible for a black man trying to win the US Presidency.

David Swerdlick

Journey, ABBA among campaign favorites

Tere Figueras Negrete and Casey Woods

Mike Huckabee's Family Guy Values

The bass-playing presidential hopeful from Arkansas loves pop culture and Chuck Norris. Has Huckabee made irony the stalking horse for social conservatism?

Aaron McKain

Democrats face off in union-led debate

John McCormick and Stephen Franklin

Bloggers grill Democrats about influential lobbyists

John McCormick and Rick Pearson

Obama holds slight financial advantage

Mike Dorning and John McCormick
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