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Alistair Bonnett's 'Beyond the Map' Asks, How Shall We Live in a Fragmenting World?

Geography, Bonnett claims in Beyond the Map, is becoming harder to read.


Jeff Bridges on Emerging Ideas About Life

Reflecting on Susan Kucera's new science documentary, Living in the Future's Past, Bridges ponders new ways of thinking about who we are.


Cinema Is Anti-Spiritual: Interview with 'First Reformed' Director Paul Schrader

First Reformed may explore the edges of faith but director Paul Schrader believes that what moves us in cinema is no mystery: it's simply "action and empathy".


In 'First Reformed', a Suffering Minister Watches the World Burn

In Paul Schrader's stark story of a spiritual apocalypse, Ethan Hawke's minister finds more to believe in an eco-activist's radicalism than his own pulpit.


Bridging the Ontological Gap: The Appeal to Emotion in the BBC's 'Blue Planet II'

To get people to care about the planet they must feel a connection to it. In this, the BBC Blue Planet series succeeds.


'Radio Free Vermont' Showcases the Political Power of Ordinary People

Bill McKibben's novel asks readers to value resistance movements that embrace humor, creativity, and civility while inspiring activism as part of our everyday lives.

Food Drink

Soylent: Ingesting the Future

An exploration of lifestyle branding for the coming environmental apocalypse.


Cloud Cult: Love

Musically, Love moves between the twin polarities of two Canadian bands: the artiness of an Arcade Fire and the broad bedroom pop and collectiveness in spirit of a Broken Social Scene.

Visual Arts

Subversive Sexology: A Conversation with Annie Sprinkle

With a pure heart and a heavy dose of body politic rebellion, Annie Sprinkle re-invents ecology in the age of eroticised digital culture.


Trembling in the Web: 'Robinson in Ruins'

A spider spins its web as the narration describes the financial crisis of 2009. Construction, decay, and reconstruction. The spider trembles in its web.


Tropic of Capricorn by Simon Reeve

Reeve's explores the tension between indigenous cultures and the natural world on one hand, and modern-day demands for resources and tourism on the other.


An Inconvenient Truth

Now that he's lost a presidential contest and done a couple of Saturday Night Lives, it appears Mr. Ex-veep is on a roll.

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