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All Play and 'No Paperwork': An Interview with L.A.Z of Clear Soul Forces

"Natural born liberal consumer of music", Jarrel Lowman (aka L.A.Z), talks about his EP, No Paperwork, a mixture of hip-hop, smoking jazz, and calloused-fingered blues.


Callback to the Future: Maestro Gamin on the Miracles and Medicines of His Latest EP

Maestro Gamin’s latest venture with producer Books One, Miracle Work Medicine, sees a return to Daisy Age hip-hop.


Chavez: Cockfighters

Twenty years later, the New York foursome's new EP does little more than make long-time fans yearn for their older material.


Andre Cymone: Black Man in America

Former Prince collaborator Andre Cymone delivers a deftly executed and sobering set of protest songs for the modern age with Black Man in America.


Western Education: Restless Dreams

Western Education draw on the sounds of their youth for their latest EP.


See Gulls: Curtain Call

See Gulls offer up another impressively expansive EP with Curtain Call, one that stretches out both its sound and its emotional impact.


Dierks Bentley: Riser

A stripped down version of this overwrought and over-weighted album could have provided a way out of Nashville's doldrums.


Ash Borer: Bloodlands

For any black metal to be effective it needs to meet two simple artistic requirements: create a credible atmosphere and convey the ill-tempered emotion therein. Ash Borer doesn't simply communicate those elements; it enshrouds the listener in them.


Erika Spring: EP

EP isn't too far removed from Au Revoir Simone, but Erika Spring as a solo entity is still a trip worth exploring.


Avalanche City: Love Love Love

New Zealand's Avalanche City already have a No. 1 single with "Love Love Love". The EP of the same name proves that's not a fluke.


Wazu: Wazu

Wazu's self-titled EP is an intriguing blend of dark electro-pop that owes as much to Hot Chip as it does to New Order.


speakers: New Frequency

Speakers' debut EP is an overtly accessible set of songs that touches on some current trends but fails to be memorable.

Steven Spoerl

The Raveonettes: Into the Night

The Danish duo return to form and deliver some of their most compelling material in recent memory.

Steven Spoerl

oOoOO: Our Love Is Hurting Us

oOoOO release an EP falling in line with the best of the British dubstep movement.


White Arrows: Fireworks of the Sea

On Fireworks of the Sea, White Arrows deliver an incredibly solid release that should help propel them to the ranks of the genre's best.


Surgeons in Heat: Midnight at Bellevue

Hailing from Madison, WI, this buzzed-about band makes good on the promise of their debut EP and recent appearance on NPR's World Café.


Sam Phillips: Cameras in the Sky / Long Play

Sam Phillips' year-long project of intricate multimedia comes to an end on a high note with the full-length release of Cameras in the Sky.


The Most Serene Republic: Phages

Most people don't know the Most Serene Republic, but even those who do may have missed this 2006 EP -- quite possibly their most coherent and spellbinding statement.


Deluka: Deluka

On this EP, Deluka sounds like a band without an identity


Crystal Antlers: EP

Debut EP from this soulful psych-punk outfit is sure to please fans of the Murder City Devils, At the Drive-In, and the Mars Volta.


Bell: EP

If you haven't heard of Bell, and there's any justice in the musical world, you will soon.


Satanicpornocultshop: .aiff Skull

The .aiff Skull EP is little more than a vaguely interesting means to a massive headache.


Little Barrie: EP

Four-song teaser from London-based trio is fun and rambunctious, but leaves many doubts as to what can be expected from the band.

Zeth Lundy

The Fiery Furnaces: EP

Forget what you know, and crank this sucker up like it's June already. The Friedbergers have returned (although maybe they never left).

Dave Dierksen

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