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Jenny Hval's 'Girls Against God' Is Pure Audacity

With Girls Against God, avant-garde musician Jenny Hval gives us a semi-autobiographical text that, like the metalhead teen she describes, won't abide by any rules.


Clara Engel's 'Hatching Under the Stars' Is the Perfect Accompaniment to Isolation

Dream-folk's Clara Engel sets the stage with an opener on Hatching Under the Stars that's a masterclass in minimalist expansion.


Louis Michot's L.E.S. Douze Release the Eclectic 'Le String Noise 2' (album stream + interview)

The always inventive Cajun musician, Louis Michot, recalls a recent New York City residency with his latest recording, Le String Noise 2, a trip where the Big Apple and the Bayou meet.


Sir Richard Bishop's Guitar Histrionics Sound Dream-like on 'Oneiric Formulary'

Oneiric Formulary being a Sir Richard Bishop record, there are moments, of course, that will blow your mind.


Siskiyou's 'Not Somewhere' Is a Stone-Cold Bummer. And Therein Lies Its Peculiar Charm.

Siskiyou's latest album gets under your skin. Not Somewhere is bold and weird and deeply human, uneasy listening at its finest.


Sarah Louise Offers 'Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars'

Sarah Louise evokes the natural landscapes of meadows, ponds and woods. She connects the spiritual and the material in creative ways that suggest there is more out there than one can understand through thought alone.


Luke Wyland Steps Further Into Experimentalism with LWW

AU mainman Luke Wyland creates a mirror entity, LWW, to his art-pop band, exploring the ideas of improvisation and minimalism on 3PE.


Cal Raasay Shows Off the Grand Majesty of the Scottish Landscape on "After All" (premiere)

Cal Raasay has a flair for taking the simplest of ideas and finding its emotional heart as we hear on the stunningly beautiful "After All".


Nature Howls on Sarah Louise's Immersive ​'Deeper Woods'

North Carolina singer-songwriter Sarah Louise wanders the vast open spaces of nature for a unique and magnificent record.


Anna & Elizabeth Bridge Past and Future Folk on 'The Invisible Comes to Us'

On the enchantingly experimental new album The Invisible Comes to Us, Anna & Elizabeth balance folklorist obsession with avant-garde sonic exploration, resulting in a deeply immersive and enriching opportunity for the ears.


The Weather Station's Tamara Lindeman Is Not As Calm As You Think

Tamara Lindeman's Weather Station makes complicated, urbane folk music that soothes even as it provokes. Just don't shoehorn her latest, tackling climate change, politics, and gender relations, into a new age-y, serenity-prone pigeon-hole.

Jennifer Kelly

Jenny Hval: Innocence Is Kinky

Jenny Hval's newest album is another eroding soliloquy on the body and the mind.


Will Samson: Balance

Will Samson gives us some fuzzy, tinkling tracks for taking naps on a rainy afternoon.

Ben Olson

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