Finding Elvis Religion in Mike Burrell's 'The ​Land of Grace​'

The Land of Grace is at once a critique of religious faith, a comic romp through the weirdness of Elvis culture, and a horror story in which death and resurrection aren't so much an Easter miracle as a recurring nightmare.


'Star Wars': The Forgetful Menace

In the Star Wars universe, those who do not remember history are doomed to sequel it; those who do, apparently, make prequels.


Star Studies Geeks and the Spellbinding Power of Celebrity

For the right onscreen personality, we're all "Beatlemaniacs". What do movie stars have that we don't?


We Still Believe in 'Opening The X-Files'

In this engaging look at the influential sci-fi show, Darren Mooney points out the links not only between episodes, but also between other shows, movies, and cultural events.


'Please Stand By' Sweetly Blends Disability Commentary with 'Star Trek' Fandom

This film gives humanity to some of our unsung voyagers; those on the spectrums, those at the extremes of fandom.


Madonna Isn’t That Interesting, But Alina Simone Is

Madonnaland is not the end-cap of Simone's existential musings; it's an intense jewel in the already sparkly crown of a consistently perceptive critic.


A History of the Future: 'Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History'

Books like this can give fans and historians context and insight, but at their worst they’re little more than obituaries, an account of what’s been lost.


Robot Dreams: 'Transformers' and 'Sex Kittens Go to College'

Retro Remote nominates Sex Kittens Go to College as Transformers' true precursor. The problem with Tranformers-type franchises is that the criticisms can only annoy people by reminding them of what they have chosen to ignore.


Frustrated Fantasies: Misperceptions of Fandom and 'Gone with the Wind'

The value of fandom is often underestimated. Rather than the stereotyped burnt-out housewives or socially inept teenagers that obsessively and indiscriminately consume popular culture, fans are active agents.

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