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'Perramus: The City and Oblivion' Depicts Argentina's Violent Anti-Communist Purge

Juan Sasturain and Alberto Breccia's graphic novel Peraramus: The City and Oblivion, is an absurd and existential odyssey of a political dissident who can't remember his name.


Rikke Villadsen's 'Cowboy' Is Warped

Rikke Villadsen's graphic fiction, Cowboy, is an aggressively peculiar take on an already aggressively peculiar genre.


​Jaime Hernandez's 'Tonta', Hit Men, and High School Shenanigans

Jaime Hernandez conveys an exuberance and vitality in his characters that make them easy to relate to and sympathize with. This is no less so in his latest graphic novel, Tonta.


Graphic Artist ​Gina Siciliano 'Paints' Artemisia Gentileschi

Gina Siciliano's I Know What I Am is a formidable work of comics scholarship, including 50 pages devoted to detailed notes and bibliographic sources about the fearless artist, Artemisia Gentileschi.


Compelling Grotesquery in Graphic Novel 'Vivisectionary'

In Kate Lacour's graphic novel of imagined medical oddities, Vivisectionary, the viewer is the main character and the images the deranged antagonist.


It All Goes Sideways in Ezra Claytan Daniels and Ben Passmore's 'BTTM FDRS'

Graphic fiction BTTM FDRS drags up our culture's biggest, ugliest globs of unconscious sewage and spreads it across a white page for us to see and acknowledge.


Inés Estrada's 'Alienation': Virtual Reality via Comics Grids

Inés Estrada's disturbingly plausible imagination effectively beams Alienation's dystopic future into readers' heads via the antiquated analog technology of ink and paper.


Graphic Fiction 'Angola Janga' Brings Forth the History of a Kingdom of Fugitives

Poignant motifs travel through Marcelo D'Salete's graphic novel of Brazil's Angola Janga, a kingdom of runaway slaves.


Graphic Novel 'Is This How You See Me?' Carries on the Legacy

The Hernandez Bros.' Love and Rockets graphic fiction series has created a community of misfits filled with as much anger as warmth, with as many mistakes as wisdom, and with as much sadness as joy.


Manuele Fior's 'Red Ultramarine' Evokes Picasso -- to a Point

While Manuele Fior's Red Ultramarine is far from abstract expressionism, it is a pleasure to find an artist-writer who regards the art of his images to be equal to the narrative they convey.


Graphic Sex and the Graphic Form in 'The Perineum Technique'

The world of The Perineum Technique is sort of our own world, and sort of not. It's an area between.


Rikke Villadsen's Idiosyncratic 'The Sea' Sets the Imagination Adrift

Danish artist Rikke Villadsen appears to be spinning a circular tale-within-a-tale with no origin or end points and only tragic escapes in his graphic fiction work, The Sea.


Graphic Fiction Collaboration 'Hobo Mom' Merges Artistic DNA

Charles Forsman and Max de Radiguès' graphic fiction collaboration, Hobo Mom, is successful both in its minimalistic visual approach and its realistic treatment of the emotional dynamics of an estranged but well-intentioned family.


Schrauwen's Future Selves Explore Genre, Gender, and the Comics Form in 'Parallel Lives'

In Parallel Lives, O. Schrauwen literally draws attention to the basic building blocks of comics, science fiction, and our cultural sexual norms.


Nick Thorburn's 'Penguins' Is Crude, Clever, and Often Amusing

Whether a general commentary on American greed, or on a personal loss of self, or something else, there's an adroit depiction here that can be unexpectedly moving.


Really, Really Loving the Beatles: Carol Tyler's 'Fab4 Mania'

Tyler's excitement and seemingly never-ending thrill from the point of view of her younger self as a Beatles fan nearly leaps from the page.


Tales Designed to Thrizzle: Volume One

Are you worn out by unnecessary foreplay? Michael Kupperman has the answer.


Abstract Comics

If nothing else, it seems that Abstract Comics makes explicit that the line between comics and high art is beginning to disappear.

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