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Going Beyond the Neutron Dance with Ruth Pointer of the Pointer Sisters

Ruth Pointer reflects on her multi-faceted career with the Pointer Sisters, honors the memory of her sister Bonnie, and shares the joy found in her music -- and fashion.


'Our Shoes, Our Selves'? Or Our High-Heeled Shoes, Our White-Skinned Selves?

There are several broken heel stories in fashion photography book Our Shoes, Our Selves, but no stories that elucidate how to break with the expectation of heels.


Urgent Art Through the Eyes of Young Men: 'See Know Evil'

Charlie Curran, the young director of the documentary See Know Evil, discusses the importance of telling the story of the equally young '90s fashion photographer phenomenon, Davide Sorrenti.


Everybody Wears Streetwear, So Everybody Should Read About It in 'This Is Not Fashion'

Beyond utility and good looks, perhaps the most essential feature of streetwear is that it always says something. It's in this area of ideology that King ADZ and Wilma Stone excel.


Believe the Hype: Paul Gorman's  Story of Style Bible 'The Face'

Pop culture in the Thatcher/Reagan years and beyond, all photographed beautifully and polished to a high sheen. Paul Gorman guides us through the A-List parties and the corporate takeovers of 24 years of The Face.


A Sock Is Never Just a Sock: Thoughts on Object Lessons' 'Sock'

Ian Bogost and Christopher Schaberg, the editors of Object Lessons, have built an incredibly robust template for 21st century pop cultural contemplation.


A Question of Immanence: Louis Vuitton, Lightning, and Our Virtual Selves

Clothes make the heroine, just as they do in real life or as they do in our virtual lives


Buttoned Up: Clothing, Conformity, and White-Collar Masculinity by Erynn Masi de Casanova

Office culture is full of passive aggressions and radical uncertainties. Buttoned Up is a delightfully firm hook on which to hang your hat, if hats are your thing.


Patricia Volk's Shocked' Is a Memoir, All Dressed Up

Three lives—a mother, a daughter, and a fashion designer—in exquisite miniature.


Lovely and Superfluous: 'Grace: A Memoir'

Grace Coddington's memoir is a one-woman oral history of boldface names, significant memories, and wit. But in the end, the narrator has no clothes.


Dressing Up and Dressing Down: Clothing, Semiotics, and 'Sleeping Dogs'

Sleeping Dogs's Wei Shen must appear authentic, or he could end up dead, which is one reason that this game cares so much about appearances.


German Bands & Cat Designs: An Interview with Katie Gallagher

Whether basing her fashion designs on cats or collaborating with German electronica groups for her shows, Katie Gallagher is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.

Jennifer Brown

How to Look Good Naked: Shedding Clothes, Gaining a BFF

The value of How to Look Good Naked is not in its attempt at a populist therapeutic cure to negative self-perception or a quick ‘before and after’ transformation.


Helmut Newton: Frames From the Edge

Helmut Newton and his models are undressed for us in this reissue of the superb 1988 documentary.


Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster

A fashion reporter peels back the veneer of today's luxury brands and uncovers the unseemly impulses that have opened exclusivity up to the masses, mostly for the worse.


Vogue Covers by Robin Derrick, Robin Muir

As a nouveau/deco nymph-phantom we see the female as the marked other, some fantastic, ethereal creature but still set apart from her very worldly male counterparts.

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