Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Roman GianArthur Score the New Janelle Monáe Film 'Antebellum'

Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Roman GianArthur composed a thrilling neo-classical score for Janelle Monáe's new film, Antebellum. Hear the dramatic "Opening" of the soundtrack.


The Allure of 'Mountain': An Interview with Artistic Director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Richard Tognetti

Richard Tognetti reflects on synergising music and film with the cello-like voice of narrator Willem Dafoe in his work for Jennifer Peedom's gorgeous documentary, Mountain.


Inventing Electro-Noir: Interview with Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne

Disco legend Giorgio Moroder and composer Raney Shockne paired up to create the musical score for Queen of the South. In so doing, they perfected what they call "electro-noir".


20 Questions: Kaada

From quirky pop to classically-affected modern compositions, John Erik Kaada has returned with his first solo album in nine years, so wants to do what any regarded musician would: talk about Homer Simpson and Norwegian environmental policies.

Evan Sawdey

Jon Brion's Soundtrack for 'Lady Bird' Possesses All the Baroque Charm You'd Expect

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion lends his melodic, baroque charm to the most acclaimed film of 2017.


Entering the Unknown with Film Composer Jon Brion

Acclaimed record producer and film composer Jon Brion is having a boon of a year after composing the music for Lady Bird, but still has so much more to say.

Evan Sawdey

Melvins: A Walk With Love and Death

This double album from the legendary troublemakers tests and teases, but it also rewards


Howard Shore and Metric: Cosmopolis OST

Continuing in the growing trend in electronic-based film scores, Howard Shore and Metric's collaboration on the Cosmopolis soundtrack doesn't do much to stand on its own.


Dead Rat Orchestra: The Guga Hunters of Ness

A beautiful, contemplative soundtrack from an unfortunately named band.


The Cinematic Orchestra Presents: In Motion #1

This collaborative effort features pieces by the Cinematic Orchestra, Dorian Concept & Tom Chant, Austin Peralta, and Grey Reverend that attempt to create film music that allows for a standalone listening experience. The results are mixed.


Clint Mansell: Last Night (Music from the Motion Picture)

Mansell wastes no time in this score's seven-track length, making a powerfully emotive case for his status as the best film composer alive.

Brice Ezell

Air: Le Voyage Dans La Lune

Nearly 20 years into the French duo’s career, Le Voyage Dans la Lune is yet even more proof of Air’s relevance in the evolution of modern music.

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