Film and Reality in Flux: Interview With A Fantastic Woman's Sebastián Lelio

"... (I)n a way we are all trans, we are not fixed beings, we are not one thing, we are constantly changing."


What Did Hollywood Do to Female Director, Elaine May?

Director Elaine May belongs to that list of otherwise male creative geniuses who naturally clash with the commercial system, including Erich Von Stroheim, Orson Welles, and Otto Preminger.


Hitchcock, 'Psycho', and '78/52: Hitchcock's Shower Scene'

"... [Psycho] broke every taboo you could possibly think of, it reinvented the language of film and revolutionised what you could do with a story on a very precise level. It also fundamentally and profoundly changed the ritual of movie going," says 78/52 director, Alexandre O. Philippe.


In 'The Disaster Artist' Failure Is Part of the Picture

"[While] the rest of us were toying with chemistry sets [Tommy Wiseau] was lighting the lab on fire," says Greg Sestero in his film memoir about The Room.


Tie Goes to the Computer: 'Side By Side'

Christopher Kenneally's documentary does its best to level the playing field between celluloid and digital cinema, but here even fairness can be a losing battle.

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