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Kiwi Jr.'s Debut 'Football Money' Is an Indie Pop Gem

Kiwi Jr.'s Football Money is a jangly, sugar-coated, charming debut album destined to be cherished by indie pop/rock fans of all stripes.


The Regrettes + Destroy Boys: Governors Ball After Dark

The Regrettes' show was a safe space for young punks and riot grrrls to let loose.


Hinds Polish Up Their Sound on 'I Don't Run' Just Enough Without Losing the Raw Feeling

Madrid-based garage rockers Hinds pull away from their lo-fi roots just a little bit to deliver a fun, versatile second album with I Don't Run.


Colatura Sounds Depression Alarm With "Afraid" (premiere)

Drawing on a range of influences from '50s female-fronted outfits to Manchester post-punk and all manner of noisy things, Colatura sounds both of and out of its time.


The Prefab Messiahs - "Psychsploitation" (video) (premiere)

Put down your phone, turn on your mind, relax and float down the river of time with veteran underground band.


IAN SWEET: Shapeshifter

While Shapeshifter phases in and out of being great, the musical ability and connection between the band members is undeniably strong.


Chains of Love - Misery Makers Vol. 2 (EP Stream) (Premiere)

Vancouver's pop-soul darlings Chains of Love are set to release the second installment in their Misery Makers EP series on March 25, care of Manimal Vinyl/Light Organ.


The May Bees: Saint-Denis

The best thing which can be said about the May Bees' "candy-apple thrash" on Saint-Denis is that the Dutch band's music hearkens back to the mid-'80s garage aesthetic while maintaining a true sense of modern pop depth.

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