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'Year of the Rabbit': How Quickly Cruelty and Genocide Can Become the Norm

Tian Veasna's superb yet harrowing graphic portrayal of the Khmer Rouge regime, Year of the Rabbit, conveys what damage a living nightmare can do to a country and its people in a mere four years.


In 'The End of Outrage' An Historian Peers into His Ancestral Irish Shadows

Culling local storytellers' accounts, land valuation records, field maps and more, Mac Suibhne exposes the clash between the secret society of the "Molly Maguires" in their homeland with the forces of law and order in this history of Ireland.


Genocide and the Benevolence of 'The Beekeeper'

Using techniques applied in his work, an Iraqi beekeeper rescued Yazidi and Christian minority women and children from Daesh during the recent Sinjar massacres.


Answer to Denialists: An Interview with Serj Tankian

The atrocities of the Armenian genocide has run rampant through Serj Tankian's work in both System of a Down and in his solo career. Now, he soundtracks a film that talks about it in explicit terms, resulting in one of his most personal works to date.

Paul Carr

Moral Ambiguity and 'Pikmin 3'

From an aesthetic perspective, Pikmin 3 is everything that a Nintendo game aspires to be and more. Yet, it completely misses the fact that combining cute, sympathetic characters and mass murder can be a little off putting.

Erik Kersting

Armenian Golgotha by Grigoris Balakian

Although he was clearly affected deeply by the suffering he saw and endured, Balakian has succeeded in producing an account that provides us with a great and valuable insight into what is regarded as the precedent for modern genocide.


The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur by Daoud Hari

A strict focus on the personal makes Hari's account of the hell that Darfur has become something more than just an exercise in despair.

Chris McCann

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