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Padma Lakshmi's 'Taste the Nation' Questions What, Exactly, Is American Food

Can food alone undo centuries of anti-immigrant policies that are ingrained in the fabric of the American nation? Padma Lakshmi's Taste the Nation certainly tries.


Banned 'Babylon' Finally Sees Light of Day

Franco Rosso's stark, rough-edged, and music-soaked 1980 drama, Babylon, about West Indian Londoners scrapping for survival, was never released due to worries about inciting violence. Until now.


'Maeve In America' and Balancing Levity with Seriousness

Irish comic Maeve Higgins finds her voice and purpose in an ever-changing Donald Trump United States.


'Pachinko' Is a Meticulous Tapestry that Compels Our Empathy

Lee balances this richly textured tale of an immigrant family with scenes of poverty, disrespect, and inhumane conditions endured by Koreans in Japan during WWII.


'Undocumented Lives: The Untold Story of Mexican Migration' Traces America's Racism

Undocumented Lives masterfully demonstrates a part of the harrowing historical timeline that brought society to today's racist position.


'America Is Not the Heart' Offers Hope Within Its Defiance

Elaine Castillo's debut is a rich and disturbing banquet of the Filipino immigrant experience in America.


Killing Is Killing: Logan's Enduring Excellence

In a competitive sea of superhero films, Logan continues to stand out with its tremendous performances, thematic complexity, remarkably critical take on violence, and deeply stirring pathos.


Informed or Inflamed? Author Steve Almond Talks About How We Consume Trump

With the recent release of Bad Stories: What the Hell Just Happened to Our Country, Steve Almond talks in-depth about the US president whom most parents wouldn't even let on the playground -- and about his beef with the American left.


An Ageless Dance in '95 and 6 to Go'

This documentary about a Japanese Immigrant in America during and after WWII dances with history, memory, and friendship.


'Everything Here Is Beautiful' Conveys Strong Images of Mental Illness

This ambitious and empathic debut explores complications and consequences between sisters, cultures, and mental illness.


'Far Away Brothers': What Becomes of the Children Who Must Flee Home and Country?

Lauren Markham's The Far Away Brothers puts forth the story of two young lives caught up in the pressing need to immigrate.


'Brooklyn' Is a Story of Cultural Purgatory

Rarely do immigration dramas deal with the trouble of re-assimilating back to one's homeland.


Haneke's 'Code Unknown' Manages Impact and Accessibility

Thematically and visually cohesive, Code Unknown displays Michael Haneke's talent as a filmmaker without alienating viewers hesitant to explore his darker films.


'Immigrant Nations' Is Told from the Vantage Point of Those Receiving the Influx of Migrants

Paul Scheffer takes an unemotional look at a present day issue with lots of historical precedents, reminding us that we are not tasked to reinvent the wheel.

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