Indie Horror Month 2015: 'Dark Echo'

Dark Echo drops you into a pitch back maze and then renders your core tools of navigation into something quite life threatening.


Indie Horror Month 2014: 'The Last Door'

The Last Door is Lovecraftian in every way that a story can be. It captures the mood, the intellectual curiosity, and the slow burn escalation of dread that typifies the best of Lovecraft.


Indie Horror Month 2014: 'Eversion'

Eversion's most unsettling moments are when it changes its rules and mechanics without telling you.


Indie Horror Month 2014: 'Claire'

Combine an already confusing maze of level design with the shifting planes and shifting angles of the game world, and Claire feels like it's purposefully trying to confuse you. Because it is.


Indie Horror Month 2014: 'Motte Island'

Motte Island is a combination of Silent Hill and Hotline Miami.


Indie Horror Month 2014: 'BlindSide'

BlindSide is a good example of how scary something new can be.


Indie Horror Month 2013: 'Catachresis'

The catachresis is a natural tool for horror since that kind of overwrought paradoxical language is often used when trying to describe something indescribable.


Indie Horror Month 2013: 'Homesick'

Homesick achieves something universal because it forces you to experience the inherent terror and tragedy of even the most clichéd of horror clichés. Sometimes you’re the Final Girl, and sometimes you’re just another victim.


Indie Horror Month 2013: 'Fibrillation'

Fibrillation is the stuff of dreams and nightmares.


Indie Horror Month 2013: 'Metrolith'

You will never know the metrolith.


Indie Horror Month 2013: 'The Crooked Man'

The Crooked Man is a dark and sad tale that avoids easy sentimentality. Its horror stems from relatable, real life fears.


Indie Horror Month Extra: The Story of 'Lone Survivor'

Lone Survivor reinforces its themes by mixing genres.


Indie Horror Month: 'Lone Survivor'

Whereas other horror games want to explore the psyche of a character, Lone Survivor wants to explore the psyche of the player.


Indie Horror Month: 'Home'

Home essentially puts you in the shoes of a detective in a horror mystery, the kind of character who eventually goes insane trying to find the truth. Ultimately, though, Home is all about the horror of unanswered questions.


Indie Horror Month: 'Paranormal'

Paranormal is about recreating the haunted house experience, and it does that exceptionally well. This is a very intimate piece of horror, since you’re the only real character.


Indie Horror Month: 'The 4th Wall'

The 4th Wall feels like an experiment in finding new images of horror.

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