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Floodlights' 'From a View' Is Classicist Antipodal Indie Guitar Pop

Aussie indie rockers, Floodlights' debut From a View is a very cleanly, crisply-produced and mixed collection of shambolic, do-it-yourself indie guitar music.


LA Rockers Swerve Make a Dark, Romantic "Escape" (premiere)

Los Angeles' Swerve share their new single "Escape", which marries 1970s-inspired aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities.

Jedd Beaudoin

Cut Worms Keeps Mining the Past on 'Nobody Lives Here Anymore'

Despite its ambitious concept, Cut Worms' Nobody Lives Here Anymore is as much a product of nostalgic consumer culture as the society it criticizes.


Sotto Voce's 'Your Husband, the Governor' Is Beautifully Twisted DIY Indie Folk-rock

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Gabos releases another odd, gorgeous home studio recording under the moniker Sotto Voce.


Creature Comfort's "Woke Up Drunk" Ruminates on Our Second-Guesses (premiere)

A deep reflection on breaking up, Nashville indie rock/Americana outfit Creature Comfort's "Woke Up Drunk" is the most personal track from their new album, Home Team.


Brett Newski Plays Slacker Prankster on "What Are You Smoking?" (premiere)

Is social distancing something we've been doing, unwittingly, all along? Brett Newski pulls some pranks, raises some questions in "What Are You Smoking?".


Arcade Fire's Will Butler Personalizes History on 'Generations'

Arcade Fire's Will Butler creates bouncy, infectious rhythms and covers them with socially responsible, cerebral lyrics about American life past and present on Generations.


Jonnine's 'Blue Hills' Is an Intimate Collection of Half-Awake Pop Songs

What sets experimental pop's Jonnine apart on Blue Hills is her attention to detail, her poetic lyricism, and the indelibly personal touch her sound bears.


Bright Eyes' 'Down in the Weeds' Is a Return to Form and a Statement of Hope

Bright Eyes may not technically be emo, but they are transcendently expressive, beatifically melancholic. Down in the Weeds is just the statement of grounding that we need as a respite from the churning chaos around us.


Angel Olsen Creates a 'Whole New Mess'

No one would call Angel Olsen's Whole New Mess a pretty album. It's much too stark. But there's something riveting about the way Olsen coos to herself that's soft and comforting.


IDLES Have Some Words for Fans and Critics on 'Ultra Mono'

On their new album, Ultra Mono, IDLES tackle both the troubling world around them and the dissenters that want to bring them down.


Landowner's 'Consultant' Is OCD-Post-Punk With Obsessive Precision

Landowner's Consultant has all the energy of a punk-rock record but none of the distorted power chords.


Wolf Parade's 'Apologies to the Queen Mary' Turns 15

Wolf Parade's debut, Apologies to the Queen Mary, is an indie rock classic. It's a testament to how creative, vital, and exciting the indie rock scene felt in the 2000s.


Blitzen Trapper on the Afterlife, Schizophrenia, Civil Unrest and Our Place in the Cosmos

Influenced by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Blitzen Trapper's new album Holy Smokes, Future Jokes plumbs the comedic horror of the human condition.


Sufjan Stevens' 'The Ascension' Is Mostly Captivating

Even though Sufjan Stevens' The Ascension is sometimes too formulaic or trivial to linger, it's still a very good, enjoyable effort.

Jordan Blum

Godcaster Make the Psych/Funk/Hard Rock Debut of the Year

Godcaster's Long Haired Locusts is a swirling, sloppy mess of guitars, drums, flutes, synths, and apparently whatever else the band had on hand in their Philly basement. It's a highly entertaining and listenable album.


Daniel Romano's 'How Ill Thy World Is Ordered' Is His Ninth LP of 2020 and It's Glorious

No, this is isn't a typo. Daniel Romano's How Ill Thy World Is Ordered is his ninth full-length release of 2020, and it's a genre-busting thrill ride.


Mobley Laments the Evil of "James Crow" in the US

Austin's Mobley makes upbeat-sounding, soulful pop-rock songs with a political conscience, as on his latest single, "James Crow".


My Morning Jacket's 'The Waterfall II' Can Hypnotize

Whereas My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall contemplated conflict, The Waterfall II identifies healing and personal transformation as the next stage of being.


Deradoorian's ​'Find the Sun' Turns Disquiet Into Transcendence

There's humanity skating across Deradoorian's Find the Sun, a collection of barely-touched ideas that allows listeners to float in place.


Sea Girls' 'Open Up Your Head' Has Big Pop Hooks and Big Guitars

Sea Girls' debut album Open Up Your Head is a catchy, very listenable record full of the kind of mainstream pop-rock anthems that are in short supply on the pop charts these days.


Ian Wayne's 'Risking Illness' Delivers a Raw, Melodic Gut-punch

Inspired by the death of a loved one, Brooklyn singer-songwriter Ian Wayne's Risking Illness combines somber reflection with beautifully crafted tunes.


Darlingside's Folk-Pop Shimmers and Shines on "Green + Evergreen"

Folk pop's Darlingside share "Green + Evergreen" from the upcoming LP, Fish Pond Fish. As usual, Darlingside sport divinely gorgeous harmonies, so beautiful they really drive the song.


Doves Deliver a Familiar Yet Fresh Brand of Melancholy on 'The Universal Want'

Mournfulness can provide comfort at a time like this, especially when presented with the kind of sincerity, wisdom, and songwriting skill that Doves haven't lost in their time away.


Delta Spirit Return with 'What Is There'

At nearly 15 years, Delta Spirit are still trying to figure out where they want to go on What Is There.


Alan McGee Goes It Alone With New Label Creation 23

From a multi-million dollar record label to an iPhone and an Instagram account, Alan McGee is reinventing the record industry once again, one single at a time.


Sam Prekop Discusses Summer Places and His Modes of Musical Creation

The Sea and Cake frontman Sam Prekop discusses process on his latest solo record, Comma, noting that its creation "has definitely changed my focus for the better and created new and interesting challenges -- and not have it feel like dopey electronic music".


Sam Prekop's Painterly Signature Looms Large on 'Comma'

Comma is Sam Prekop's fullest realization of his Brian Eno-like effort to toe the line between rock narratives and the avant-garde.


​​Leeds Indie Rockers Eades Proclaim "I Want More"

Leeds' Eades are here to proclaim for those doubters in our midst that guitar rock is not dead with "I Want More", and that there is more to life than a dull day job.


Vancouver's Yukon Blonde Drift Into Dreamy Neo-Psych on "You Were Mine" (premiere)

Vancouver's Yukon Blonde embrace psychedelia and blissed-out grooves on their latest single, "You Were Mine". The band continue to innovate their sound with upcoming LP, Vindicator.


PYX's "Wires" Is a Melodic Indie Rock Marvel (premiere)

PYX are a collective out of Southeast England led by front-person Wesley Triffitt, and their sound is slightly lo-fi, indie rock influenced by '60s harmonies and '80s jangle pop and post-punk. Hear PYX's superb new single, "Wires".


Morning Arcade's "Cold Shoulders" Is an Atmospheric, Dreamy Debut

Morning Arcade are a new indie rock band out of Cardiff, Wales that create atmospheric, even pastoral, soundscapes on "Cold Shoulders".


Post-Punk's TV FACE Rock Out on "Work Hard, Have Fun" (premiere)

TV FACE are a hard-driving post-punk band from Lancaster, UK that channel the genre's jagged edges and kinetic rhythms alongside intense, punk rock energy on "Work Hard, Have Fun".


SHOCKEY Makes the Perfect Pandemic Stoner Song with '"HIGH" (premiere)

Los Angeles' SHOCKEY goes in for a bit of glam rock mixed with lo-fi, slacker pop on an ode to the joys of being "high".


The Elwins Deliver Somber, Sobering Ballad With "Daughter Song" (premiere)

Canadian indie rockers, the Elwins return with a new LP this October and share "Daughter Song", a ballad that never takes the expected turns.


Punk Rock's MOURN Say "This Feel Is Disgusting" and Rock Out

Barcelona's MOURN release their latest punk rock earworm, "This Feel Is Disgusting", which explores existential anxiety through joyful rocking out.


Creeptones Wrap Their "Soul Fire" in Deliciously Pure Pop

New Jersey's Creeptones play the type of catchy pop-rock that lodges earworms in your skull forever. "Soul Fire" is just the latest example.

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