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Post-rock's Coastlands Meditate on Loss, Growth, Change on 'Death' (album stream)

Guitarist Jason Sissoyev speaks about Coastlands' emotionally-charged new LP, a meditation that is heavy in more ways that one. "It pummels you, then there's this release and then it keeps going," he says.


Circles Around the Sun Shoot for the Stars on New Album

Jamrockers Circles Around the Sun's self-titled third album finds the band transcending darkness after losing their founder in 2019 to chart a groovy new course.


Experimental Rock's Trees Speak Summon Kosmische Sensations on 'Ohms'

On their inspiring second album, Ohms, Arizona avant-garde collective Trees Speak invoke the best of expansive electronica through motorik repetitions across a sprawling masterwork.


Leaving Room: Ryley Walker and Charles Rumback on Collaboration and Listening

Little Common Twist, the latest improvisatory album from Ryley Walker and jazz drummer Charles Rumback, sounds like listening. The two musicians are locked in intuitive communion that confines neither guitar nor drums to their pigeonholes. We ask them how they do it and why.


Circles Around the Sun Rise Above at the Chapel in San Francisco

Jam rock quartet Circles Around the Sun carry on after the shocking suicide of founding guitarist Neal Casal and deliver an uplifting show of healing transcendence.


Infinite Color & Sound Are Free Spirits in New York

Infinite Color & Sound showcased their flourishing project at PublicArts ahead of sets at Sea.Hear.Now as part of a brief East Coast run. Photos and video of the whole show inside.


Intense & Vulnerable: An Interview with Infinite Color & Sound

Guitarist Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and visual artist Kate Neckel chat about their audio/visual collaboration, Infinite Color & Sound.


Sonic Youth Founder Thurston Moore Asks Why a Song Can't Be an Hour Long

Thurston Moore talks about the three instrumental pieces spanning nearly three hours that make up the Spirit Counsel box set, the people who inspired them, and the fact that he doesn't really consider himself a "guitar guy".


Fountain of Time: An Interview with Bill MacKay

Chicago songwriter and guitarist Bill MacKay reflects on his softly powerful recent experimental rock work, and a life spent in thrall to the innate poetry in people and places.


The 'Heavy Age' Is Here: An Interview with Unwed Sailor

Unwed Sailor's Johnathon Ford discusses the history and evolution of his beloved band. "I've always focused more on a verse-chorus-bridge kind of structure. To my brain, it's like a New Order song without vocals."

Jedd Beaudoin

CHON Continue Their Intricate Yet Inviting Instrumental Excellence on Self-Titled Third LP

Fans CHON's previous work—as well as instrumental rock in a broader sense—will surely find plenty to enjoy about Chon. Just don't expect anything especially diverse or daring along the way.


Earth Make Their Purest Sonic Statement with 'Full Upon Her Burning Lips'

Dylan Carlson and Adrienne Davies strip all ornamentation away from Earth's sound on their ninth studio album, Full Upon Her Burning Lips, the band's purest sonic statement to date.


Joe Satriani's 'What Happens Next' Is His Most Rocking Album

Melodies and shredding galore power Joe Satriani's most rocking release to date.


Steve Vai: The Story of Light

Steve Vai has made an solid case for his continued spot as the best modern guitar virtuoso, one who even in his comparatively weaker moments is writing rock music with bold sophistication.

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