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Jamie Lidell: Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell's success lies in a warped musical schizophrenia, which pays homage to its influences but doesn't shy away from its electronic roots.


Jamie Lidell: I Wanna Be Your Telephone EP

Alternately kind of goofy and kind of awesome, Jamie Lidell's new EP demonstrates his keen aptitude for constructing infectious jams.


Full Loop: Jamie Lidell Becomes the Great Experimenter Once Again

In his interview with PopMatters, crooner and electronic producer Jamie Lidell talks about his upcoming tour, his new album, and starting to care about lyrics four LPs into his solo career.


Jamie Lidell: 10 June 2010 - Brooklyn, NY

Lidell proved that he can do it all, from being a masterful DJ to an effective and engaging leader.

Maria Schurr

Jamie Lidell: Compass

The best way to appreciate Compass? Follow the bread crumbs Jamie Lidell leaves on the trail and be prepared for anything.


Various Artists: Warp (Chosen) / Warp (Recreated)

Warp wonders aloud who it is in 2009 and who it was for the past 20 years. Who it will be in the future is anybody's guess.


The Best R&B of 2008

From true legends to notable newcomers to acts in mid-career stride, the year's best R&B is much more than what your local Top 40 radio station would have you believe.


Jamie Lidell: Jim

This old-fashioned, newly-polished soul music is pretty much impossible to resist.


Mad Racket Feat. Jamie Lidell + Mad Racket DJs

Yep, you read right. This party went down in a bowling alley. And not the youth-oriented, ten-pin kind of bowling, either...

Nick Gunn

Jamie Lidell: Multiply Additions

A remix album/live album smash-up that seems like a true in-the-meantime.


Jamie Lidell

Lidell is balls out brilliant, a mad hatter collision of soulful creativity. And, he's just as good doing a capella...

Terry Sawyer

Jamie Lidell: Multiply

Snapshot of an artist moving from the white noise of the electro lab to the joyous communal feedback of black music's core.

Stefan Braidwood

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