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Mixed Media

Raul Midón Gets Topical With "Dancing Off the Edge" (premiere)

Raul Midón's "Dancing Off the Edge" balances the realities of 2020 with musical uplift and his singular soulfulness.


Sondre Lerche and the Art of Radical Sincerity

"It feels strange to say it", says Norwegian pop artist Sondre Lerche about his ninth studio album, "but this is the perfect time for Patience. I wanted this to be something meaningful in the middle of all that's going on."


NIIKA Makes a Striking, Multifaceted Full-Length Debut with 'Close But Not Too Close'

The Uzbekistan-born, Chicago-raised NIIKA combines art-pop and exotic jazz stylings to create a deeply rewarding listening experience on Close But Not Too Close.


On 'Last Flight Out' Steve Dawson and Funeral Bonsai Wedding Create Sublime, Eerie Beauty

Orchestral-indie torch-song chamber-folk? Time to break out your music genre thesaurus for this gorgeous, impeccably crafted gem from Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai Wedding.


Kathleen Grace and Larry Goldings Team for Wonderfully Sparse "Where Or When" (premiere)

Kathleen Grace and Larry Goldings' "Where Or When" is a wonderfully understated performance that walks the line between pop and jazz.


Jazz-pop's Joe Kye Advocates for Immigrant Families on "Stick on Me" (premiere)

Joe Kye's songbird-sweet voice is as dynamic as his nimble string work, his chorus the kind that sticks in the head for all the right reasons.


Rachael & Vilray Update Swing-Era Music on Their Debut

Rachael & Vilray is an absolute reflection of the jazz era while also firmly integrating the sound and energy into the contemporary moment.


Pink Martini Expand Their Sound Again on New EPs

On two new EPs, the ever versatile Pink Martini continue their mission of entertaining audiences as they explore the world's variety of musical styles.


Liana Gabel Tackles Love, Addiction With the Folk-Jazz of "Fool" (premiere)

Folk artist Liana Gabel offers a remarkably fresh sound and fresh take on matters of the heart with "Fool". And it comes with a comical twist.


Prefab Sprout's Audacious Pop of 1984-92 Is Illuminated on Four Vinyl Re-issues

On remastered and reconfigured versions of Prefab Sprout LPs Swoon, From Langley Park to Memphis, Jordan: The Comeback, and A Life of Surprises, songs involving a chess grandmaster, Springsteen, Elvis, Jesse James, God and Lucifer get a deserved new lease of life.


Lexi Todd's "Madonna" Is Her Feminist Autobiography (premiere)

Steeped in jazz-pop, neo-soul, and an empowering message, Lexi Todd's "Madonna" sees the Brooklyn artist securing her seat at the table.


Joe Jackson Celebrates 40 Years of Music in NYC Homecoming Show

Veteran British singer-songwriter Joe Jackson performed songs from his catalog and new album Fool.


Rachel Eckroth's "Strangest Dream" Enchants and Haunts (premiere + interview)

Featuring riveting guitar work from Derek Trucks, "Strangest Dream", culled from Rachel Eckroth's When It Falls, is a powerful introduction to singer-songwriter's diverse talents.


Rotem Sails on the "Indian Ocean" in New Video (premiere)

Rotem Sivan's guitar skills are noted around the globe but he's an equally impressive songwriter, as he proves on "Indian Ocean".


Wit Blu Emerges with the Soulful, Jazzy Pop of "Burgundy" (premiere)

L.A. via Denver singer-songwriter Wit Blu specializes in sophisticated, soulful, jazzy pop that evokes the breezy, upbeat music of Tom Misch.


Nilüfer Yanya's "Thanks 4 Nothing" Video and US Live Debut Photos

Promising British musician Nilüfer Yanya made her US debut at the Mercury Lounge in New York City last year and her new video came out yesterday.


Theresa Andersson: Street Parade

Theresa Andersson breaks down the sounds of a New Orleans parade and reconstructs them into wonderfully idiosyncratic, introspective pop. No beads or revelry required.


Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra: Take Off!

This impressive orchestral jazz pop debut is like Danny Elfmann, Duke Ellington, and David Axelrod taking turns conducting the Degenerate Art Ensemble.

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