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The Music of Earle Brown Unwrapped and Unraveled

When a composer admits that one of his more "famous" pieces has no identifiable content, you know you're in for an uphill climb whether you choose to study their works, perform them, or just listen to them.


'Music 109: Notes on Experimental Music' Is Simple and Brilliant

Alvin Lucier gives us the book on experimental music that is, conversely, not the book on experimental music.


Loré Lixenberg / Gregory Rose / Robert Worby: John Cage: Song Books

John Cage challenged many things, especially on paper. Does it still challenge us in the digital age?


Marianne Pousseur: Only

Soprano + 20th Century art songs + ambient noises = one delicate and arresting recital.


The Practicality of the Impossible: John Cage and the Freeman Etudes

John Cage replaces the comforting order of the cosmos with the recalcitrant, indecipherable organization of a part of the universe. Each sound, radically set off from the others, demands that we hear it in isolation.


John Cage by David Nicholls

If Nicholls can only describe the shadow of the event, the echo of the song, then it is to his credit that he succeeds. The book places these experimental pieces in a context outside of the assumed joke or prank.

N. A. Hayes

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