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Instant Empire: Lamplight Lost

Instant Empire's debut manages to hit a sweet spot where jagged edges meet smooth melodies.


John Vanderslice: Romanian Names

On a memorable seventh album, John Vanderslice sheds the political overtones and finds himself just as alienated as ever.


Saving Humanity: An Interview with John Vanderslice

"I am in general very anti-government." John Vanderslice brings his political and economic sides to the fore in taking on the world's crazies.


John Vanderslice: Emerald City

Full of murky and beautiful songs, this should be the album John Vanderslice is remembered for.


Alias: Collected Remixes

It's a good thing that what we'll remember are the bookends.


John Vanderslice

Is it true, what his website says, that John Vanderslice is the "friendliest guy in indie rock?"

Chris Gray

John Vanderslice: Pixel Revolt

Welcoming new literary characters into the world, in the form of a song... they could entertain you for years.

Jill LaBrack

John Vanderslice: Cellar Door

John Vanderslice has created an album that's mechanically precise, yet emotionally warm, and he's given us characters who we'd rather avoid, but can't help caring about.

Justin Cober-Lake

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