Zero 7: Record

Close to a decade into their career, Zero 7 have just dispensed a retrospective/best-of album entitled Record. Aside from their avid fans, Zero 7 will not be able to persuade anyone to purchase this collection if they already have their first album.


Mia Doi Todd + José González

Taken together, the two were a perfect post-World Music ticket -- the half-Japanese Todd and the Swedish-born Argentinean González both lay bare their multicultural roots with gentle instrumentation that hints at a world of influence while each remaining idiosyncratic musicians in her or his own right.

Anita Schillhorn

Jose Gonzalez: In Our Nature

The Swedish finger-picking balladeer, famous for his covers of the Knife and Kylie Minogue, returns with incrementally increased sophistication and, yes, another breathtaking cover.

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