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'Sports Is Hell' Narrows the Field to Identity Politics

Ben Passmore's Sports Is Hell is an apocalyptic parody of racism in US sports and politics.


Pussycats, Lesbian Vampires, and the Blood-Splattered Erotica of Emily Carroll's 'When I Arrived at the Castle'

There's a lot of yarn for this cat to untangle in Emily Carroll's When I Arrived at the Castle.


Michael DeForge's 'Brat' Challenges the Act of Reading Comics

While dimension-deforming environments are normal in cartoon worlds, few wander as far to the edge of pure abstraction—let alone cross it -- as Michael DeForge does in Brat.


Nathan Gelgud's 'A House in the Jungle' Plays with Perception

Nathan Gelgud's image-within-an-image work in his latest, A House in the Jungle, echoes a larger world-within-a-world meta-context.


Graphic Fiction 'Roaming Foliage' Digs into the Undergrowth

Patrick Kyle's graphic fiction meta-garden, Roaming Foliage, digs up the roots of the comics form.


Zacchilli Sketches the Future One Day at a Time in 'Space Academy 123'

Mickey Zacchilli's scribbled artistic and literary style undermines expectations.


Michael Comeau's Winter's Cosmos Explores the Fringes of the Comics Universe

If Winter's Cosmos is Comeau's Alpha Centauri, I look forward to what fruits his new planets will bear next.


gg's 'I'm Not Here' Is One of the Richest and Gently Disturbing Graphic Novels I've Read in Years

In gg's graphic memoir, I'm Not Here, we travel with the protagonist, suffering the same confusions that define her life.

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