Applesauce to the Gander: Restoring RKO's Early Talkies

All or most of the films in RKO Classic Romances and RKO Classic Adventures are in the public domain and circulated in poor condition. These Library of Congress prints have been digitally restored by Lobster Films in Paris and consistently look and sound very good.


Silent Film Sleuths Unearth Crusty Gems with 'Found at Mostly Lost, Vol. 2'

Sponsored by the Library of Congress, Mostly Lost is an annual film workshop in which unidentified or mis-titled silent films are screened to an audience of scholars and fans who try to figure out what they are. Sometimes they succeed.


From Lois Weber to Louise Brooks: Eight Silent Film Sensations

Those of us who love silent cinema have much to rejoice about in this digital age, when both obscurities and celebrated classics arrive in new preservations and restorations, curated by scholars and fans who love the era.


Presidential Campaign Posters: Two Hundred Years of Election Art

This gives us colorful time-stamps of the evolution in graphic design, photography, and changes in US election propaganda.

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