Chronicling the Non-Event: Anton Chekhov and the Short Story

Chekhov is engaging with an underlying, rumbling, non-event that pervades life and yet is nearly always blithely ignored. His stories move us in their ability to excavate this subterranean, haunting static that informs all experience.


'The Art of Confession' Ties Together Threads of Performance

Scholar Christopher Grobe crafts a series of individually satisfying case studies, then shows the strong threads between confessional poetry, performance art, and reality television, with stops along the way.


Jean Giono's Slim 'Melville' Belies the Depths Within

Giono's quirky tale about Herman Melville reminds us that fiction can help us better understand reality.


An Otherworldly Vision: 'Milton and the Making of Paradise Lost'

William Poole manages to deliver a spectacularly structured, tightly written, and captivating addition to literary studies.

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